• ADIS16209

    I use ADIS16209 evaluation board with TI controller. I not set means not write any control register & assume that it is ok as per datasheet.

    1. My target is to measure X or Y axis both side with 0.05 degree accuracy. Is it possible with this ?

  • ADIS16209

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to communicate three ADIS16209 mem sensors with themselves for construction industry application.

    Please suggest me how it can be done.



  • ADIS16209 No response on SPI


    during the last five years we have made about 50 board with adis16209. Now we have received 6 board. 2 of them do not response to any command.

    I check if there any short on the board and it seems that it is not.

    Is there any way how to check if…

  • ADIS16209 self-test

    We have a problem with the self-test of ADIS16209 at power-on. Is it correct
    that there is a possibility to disable this function at the power-on setting
    the bit 10 in the register MSC_CTRL? We have tried to do this but it was not


    I building digital inclinometer with ADIS16209 and I want set calibration offset - using i.e. ROT_NULL.

    For example:

    I have to set -10 or -100 (DEC) and I can't set it.

    If I send 0x01A00 | 0x8000 | 0x000A = 0x9A0A

    and I set 10 (DEC) in ROT_NULL…

  • Re: ADIS16209

    Dear NevadaMark,

    Thanks for your quick response!!

    I need to construct a huge chimney using the Technic of slip form construction.Here we build the chimney part by part i.e 1st will construct a height of example 2 meter later the arms will be raised…

  • ADIS16209 SPI Interface

    I have set up the ADIS16209 and looked at some example code for the ADIS16210 and I think that just confused the matter even more... when I wish to read data from the device I do this:

    uint16_t readRegister(uint8_t address) {

    uint16_t res;

    // PULL…

  • ADIS16209 Register Communications


    I a trying to read data from an ADIS16209 and am having some issues reading data. The datasheet doesn't seem very comprehensive when it comes the description of the SPI protocol.

    From various support posts I have managed to piece together how…

  • ADIS16209 incorrect output


    I am trying out the ADIS16209 as a single axis inclinometer rotating in a vertical plane and am getting its incline angle using the ROT_OUT register. When rotating at around 140 to 155 degrees the inclinometer suddenly hops to -50 degrees then…

  • ADIS16209 Datecode Revision Change

    What  is  the  meaning of this  „R“  in the  Datecode 1224R of  the  ADIS16209.



    The “R” indicates that these units have had the firmware upgrade, so they would
    behave the same way as units with later date codes.