• FAQ: ADIS16209 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16209 Tilt Sensor?



    We offer two different tools that support early…

  • ADIS16209

    I use ADIS16209 evaluation board with TI controller. I not set means not write any control register & assume that it is ok as per datasheet.

    1. My target is to measure X or Y axis both side with 0.05 degree accuracy. Is it possible with this ?

  • ADIS16209

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to communicate three ADIS16209 mem sensors with themselves for construction industry application.

    Please suggest me how it can be done.



  • RE: Accelarometer accuracy

    Applications like this may want to give consideration to a fully calibrated solution, such as the ADIS16209 as well.


  • ADIS16201 and ADIS16209 Pins 8 and 10 Grounded - Performance Issues

    I initially used the ADIS16201 in my design. I tied pins 8 and 10 to ground.
    Later, I redesigned my system and upgraded to the ADIS16209.
    Will ADIS16209 work even if pin 8 and 10 is connected to ground or do we need
    to modify the pcb?
  • RE: Low power, high-accuracy tilt sensing

    Yes, you can use power cycling or "sleep cycling," which is enabled by the SLP_CNT register inside of the ADIS16209. Check this article out for more details on these techniques and how they apply to the

    ADIS16209: http://www.analog.com/library…

  • RE: Adis16209 interfacing with arduino mega

    Developing an ADIS16209 interface to an Arduino is relatively simple.  Calculating the coordinates of a point is puzzling to me.  Can you clarify what you are trying to do and more importantly why you expected the ADIS16209 to contribute to that objective…

  • RE: ADIS16209 Accuracy Problems and Assembly issues

    The factory default settings were selected to support the type of application you describe.  What lead you to change them?

    The relationship between SMPL_PRD and the sample rate is illustrated on page 14 of the ADIS16209 datasheet:


  • RE: Can tilt plane error be calibrated out?

    Given the initial reference to the ADIS16203, it is worth noting that the ADIS16209 implement a more comprehensive calibration and provided ~0.5degrees of accuracy over an "off-axis" tilt range of ~+/-60degrees. See Figure 15, on page 9 of the ADIS16209…

  • RE: Converting Accl readings to Tilt with ADXL312

    You bet!