• ADIS16204 Code Examples

    Nypop offered the following, in another post:

    I was wondering if there was any source code or sample code that was available for the ADIS16204 (only edit by NevadaMark). We are using a chipKIT Max32 microprocessor and we are experiencing some difficulty…

  • ADIS16204 sensitivity and output data calculation

    In figure 23 of the datasheet the data is 1011 1101 1101 1110. How does it
    match the –10.377g? The X-axis range is +/-70g and it is 14 bits resolution.
    Based on this, the sensitivity should be 140/16384=8.54mg. However, the
  • RE: ADXRS649

    Apologies for accidental deletion of the two replies to this post. This post intended to inquire about the ADIS16204, not the ADXRS649, which has a ratio-metric analog output interface (not a SPI).  Please see this post for continued discussion on interfacing…

  • RE: ADXL278

    Although this product is now obsolete, the ADIS16204 datasheet offers some information, which might be useful in your effort to understand the pre and post Bessel filter response to a shock, which is higher than the measurement range, but is under the…

  • MEMS Inertial Sensors Tags

    The following is a list of parts this group talks about. Update as necessary.

    ad22282-a-r2, ad22290, adia16201, adis16003, adis16006, adis16203, adis16204, adis16209, adis16210, adis16223, adis16227, adis16228, adis16229, adis16240, adis16255, adis16265…

  • RE: Help in design for a recoil recording device

    For any future reviewers, this was unfortunate. While I didn't appreciate the communication approach, I do hate it when we miss a chance to help someone, especially when they are making a genuine attempt to learn something new.  Most of the contributors…

  • Enable AD7298 with IIO on imx6ul with Yocto

    Hello all. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to enable an IIO driver, AD7298 ADC on an imx6ul using Yocto.  To do this I am using a pattern that has been successful for activating and deactivating other kernel features:


    Recipe (liunux-imx_%.bbappend):

  • RE: ADIS16265 Assembly Tips

    The ADIS16265 is a fully-calibrated, digital MEMS gyroscope that comes in a 20-pin, 11.2mm Land Grid Array package, which supports standard, Pb-free, solder-reflow assembly techniques.  The most common process oversights associated with their assembly…

  • FAQ: ADIS16209/ADIS16265 Pb-free Assembly Tips


    Please visit the following link for an updated set of assembly instructions:

    FAQ: ADIS162xx LGA Assembly Guidelines

    Start of older assembly instructions, for historical reference but not for present use>>


    Do you have any…