• RE: ADIS16203 : Latency until updating data register

    Hello Mark,

    I'm sorry, there are circumstances, I would like to know the latency of Analog to Digital conversion only.
    If ADIS16203 uses SAR ADC, the latency will be consists from sample interval and filter delay.
    If ADIS16203 uses sigma-delta ADC…

  • ADIS16203: onboard filtering

    Why are there no X-filt and Y-filt pins on ADIS16203 unlike ADIS16001?


    The X-filt and Y-filt pins were not included as a result of a trade-off with
    the pinout. The on-board digital filtering provides a method for reducing the
  • RE: ADIS16203 communication problems.....

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  • RE: ADIS16203 Measure stability

    Just as a side note.  You probably already know this, but the ADIS16209 provides ~500% improvement in accuracy performance over temperature, yet only has a 50% cost trade-off for that benefit.  Since it uses the same package, has the same pinout and only…

  • ADIS16203 reading of data output

    Hello everybody,

    Please help me! i have a problem with reading the data output of this sensor. My prozessor only has 8 bit of the SPIO to transfer, the sensor sends 14 Bit. My problem is, that I want to hold the 8 bits in the middle, but I don't know…

  • ADIS16203: Accuracy definition

    I need some clarification on accuracy specs:

    (1)I would expect that the ( relative) accuracy co-efficient is after factory
    calibrating out null and offset ? can you confirm.

    2)does this refer to relative accuracy error at 0degrees …
  • ADIS16203 problem with clock interference

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to read out the Data from an ADIS16203 Inclinometer via SPI using a BeagleBone Black as Master. But the received Data I saw consists only of Zeros. Because of this I tried to look at the Signal with an Oscilloscope. What I…

  • ADIS16203: Relative accuracy explanation

    What does "relative accuracy" mean? (for ADIS16203) & how measured?


    Relative accuracy (same as INL or Integral Nonlinearity for a data converter)
    refers to the worst case inaccuracy of the device transfer curve (usually being…
  • Should pin 8 and 10 of ADIS16203 grounded

    From the datasheet, pin 8 and 10 are used for ADC/DAC auxiliary function and
    should be connected to GND for proper operation as the following shown.
    But in the document of “Inclinometer/Accelerometer Evaluation