• FAQ: ADIS16136 Optimization


    Are there any tips for getting the most out of the ADIS16136?



    The factory-default sample rate is 1024SPS. We have seen cases where noise and stability improve…

  • FAQ: ADIS16136 Noise Behaviors


    I have noticed that the ADIS16136 noise does not seem to follow a normal distribution. Is this expected?


  • FAQ: ADIS16136 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16136 gyroscope sensor?



    We offer two different tools that support…

  • adis16136的数据输出问题

    adis16136的输出 GYRO_OUT2的格式没能理解,能否像Table 10.所示GYRO_OUT的数据格式一样给出一个或者几个典型的示例,谢谢。

  • adis16136的分辨率


  • 关于ADIS16136陀螺仪的技术咨询


  • ADIS16136 weird behaviour

    Hi. I'm sampling the ADIS16136 gyroscope using an EVAL_ADIS with the following settings changed from the default ones:

    SMPL_PRD 000Fh

    AVG_CNT 0006h; 16sps

    DEC_RATE 0007h; 10hz

    I'm seeing a weird behaviour, the gyrsocope outputs some values with…

  • ADIS16136/PCBZ wrong connection


    When I try to make a wire indication on breakout board without ADIS16136 mounted I see a difference between datasheet marking and real board. Below you can see figures 23 and 5 from ADIS16136 datasheet.

    But in my ADIS16136 breakout board J1…