• RE: About ADIN1300 Linux Driver


    ADIN1300 is upstreamed: https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v5.4.150/source/drivers/net/phy/adin.c/.

    The PHY API in Linux has suffered a lot of changes across versions. I suggest you move to 5.4 otherwise you will miss some functionalities added in the…

  • RE: ADIN1300 driver - Generic PHY?

    Yes, this can close.  We learned that the Analog Devices driver is not in the 5.4.106 kernel by default.  We ended up rebuilding linux kernel 5.4.143 to include the ADIN driver.  Case closed. 

  • RE: ADIN1300 How to probe TX_TCLK?

    Hi Jesse,

    No, the ADIN1300 doesn't expose the TX_TCLK. There are methods described within the PMA compliance testing for situations where the TX_TCLK is not available. 

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  • ADIN1300 RXC frequency


    I'm trying to set up a ADIN1300, but i don't get i working. Now I found some behavior I don't understand. I activated the linedriver loopback mode and sending out a ping. I can measure the TXC and also signals on the Data lines. The clock has…

  • Questions about ADIN1300

    My customer is considering using the ADIN1300 Giga PHY.
    The question is below.
       1) Whether SGMII is supported (Please explain why it is not supported.)
       2) Device driver support for PHY control by SDIO 

  • ADIN1300 driver for Qualcomm QCS405

    Hello Sir,

      sorry for bother you , Can some one have to check if , ADIN1300 has been implemented on Qualcomm QCS405?

      If yes , Please kindly help to share the dirver for QCS405. 



  • ADIN1300 CLK_IN voltage range

    In the datasheet, Clock Input Voltage Range (CLK_IN)  is 2.5V(max)

    Does this mean I need to input clock signal whose voltage swing is lower than 2.5V?

    in that case, what is the minimum voltage range of CLK_IN ?

  • ADIN1200/ADIN1300 Demo Board Gerber

    Hi Sir,

    We need EVAL-ADIN1200 & EVAL-ADIN1300 Demo Board Gerber file can you provide to me refer? my PCB design wait to follow demo board component placement. thanks.


  • ADIN1300 MAC interface termination


    Does the ADIN1300 have a internal termination for the MAC interface pins? I could only find out that the MDI pins have termination, but what about the MAC interface?

    Thanks in advance

  • ADIN1300 support function

    Does the ADIN1300 PHY support jambo frames ?

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