• ADIN1300 magnetics selection


    In the product we are designing for our client, we will use your ADIN1300 PHY linked to an iMX8M Mini from NXP.

    In the datasheet of ADIN1300 page 37 table 29, you indicate the following characteristics for the transformer :
    Turns Ratio 1CT:1CT,…

  • About ADIN1300

    1. Can the Generic Driver of the Linux kernel drive this chip?

    2. Does the driver provided on the official website support linux3.10 kernel?

    3. Can the chip be connected to EMAC?

  • ADIN1300 transformerless/capacitive coupling

    Per the linked user guide from Analog Devices, a capacitively-coupled link between two ADIN1200/AD1300 is permissible and supports auto-negotiation:

    ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 with Capacitive Coupling [Analog Devices Wiki]

    However, in application notes from…

  • ADIN1300 back-to-back repeater with EEE

    I have prototyped two ADIN1300s back-to-back using RGMII.  It works fine, except when both ends use EEE.  Rx works and the RGMII seems to be ok, but the MDI Tx on one of two PHYs will stop working. My testing has been with gigabit links.  Any ideas?

  • ADIN1300 10BASE-T (runt preamble)


    At speeds of 100/1Gb, the chip works correctly.

    When receiving in 10BASE-T mode, a packet arrives with an incorrect preamble on the MAC interface side.

    I tried the RGMII and MII interface.

    Oscillocope on 10BASE-T:

    Oscillocope on 100BASE-TX:

  • ADIN1300 100Base-TX RGMII delay setting


    I am considering designing with ADIN1300.
    So I have a question about the Subsystem RGMII Configuration Register.

    I would like to know the values of the clock delay and internal clock delay of RGMII at 100Base-TX.

    Register: For GE_RGMII_RX_SEL and GE_RGMII_GTX_SEL…

  • ADIN1300 Exposed paddle and Keepout area

    Original Question: ADIN1300 Exposed paddle and Keepout area by CatherineR

    There is an exposed paddle under the ADIN1300 package, and two keepout areas adjacent to the paddle on the package, what are they for?

    Verified Answer: RE: ADIN1300 Exposed paddle…

  • ADIN1300 External Crystal Oscillator Feedback Resistor


    I am considering designing with ADIN1300.
    I have a question regarding an external crystal.

    Is a feedback resistor required if an external crystal oscillator is connected to the XTAL?
    Is it built into the IC?

    In the evaluation board schematic (UG-1635…

  • Are ADIN1200 and ADIN1300 supported by U-Boot?

    Original Question: Are ADIN1200 and ADIN1300 supported by U-Boot? by JDuquette210

    I've seen the application notes on manual configuration.  Specifically I have a Beagleboard variant that I'm using an ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 on.  A U-boot initialization…