• ADIN1110 Pin 26 and Pin 27


    I am working on a project that includes ADIN1110 chips. What is the purpose/function of pin26 and pin27 (TEST1 and TEST2)? Can it be left open circuit?  I could not find more information in the datasheet except pin26 requires 1.5kOhm pull up resistor…

  • ADIN1110 and ESP32

    Hi, i would like to send data from an ESP32 to a Rapsberry Pi through 10Base-T1L using 2 ADIN1110 Evaluation Boards.

    The schema should be like this:

    ESP32 -> (SPI) -> ADIN1110 Board 1 -> (Single Pair) -> ADIN1110 Board 2 -> (???) -> Raspberry…

  • adin1110 non-OS driver

    I cannot run the lwIP example from the adin1110 non-os driver.

    I get an error which i do not know how to handle.

    Maybe you have seen this before?

  • ADIN1110 configuration

    any Help would be appreciated on ADIN1110 TX/RX register configuration procedure to bring up the link and writing to fifo?

  • ADIN1110 None-OS driver


    I need a driver for ADIN 1110 "None-Os" but I can not find it. Can you please share it with me!

    I am writing a driver for Spi Bus to communicate with ADIN1110 but I have not found much information in internet Do you have any suggestions…

  • ADIN1110 SPI Protocol problem

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Currently, we have some problem regarding ADIN1110 need your help. 

    For SPI,

    What's different to use rising edge & falling edge in SDO and SDI both? 

    What kind of situation will be use "Open-Alliance SPI protocol " ? 

  • RE: ADIN1110 Arduino library


    We provide C code drivers and examples for all our 10BASE-T1L products (available from the product webpages).

    If you are referring to a C++ library for Arduino IDE this is not something ADI is providing but it can be ported from the existing…

  • RE: ADIN1110 SPI vs RMII

    Hi  ,

    The ADIN1110 is interfaced with the host through SPI. We provide the C code driver that supports Open Alliance SPI or Generic SPI.

    You can use the driver provided with any TCP/IP stack of your choice, we actually provide LwIP examples as…

  • ADIN1110 SPI clarification (Turn around field, SPI Packet clarification)

    Hi, colleagues!

    While evaluating ADIN1110 we need to clarify:

    1. Pls advise what is the purpose of the turn around (TA) field in the generic SPI protocol reading package? In the documentation, this term occurs exactly once, and clarification is not obvious…
  • Static analysis errors fro ADIN1110 None OS Driver

    Rather than a question, this is a warning that we got while running a static analysis check on the ADIN1110 None OS driver v1.1.0.

    In file adi_spi_generic.c function MAC_SendFrame, if hDevice == NULL, hDevice->state will be dereferencing a null pointer…