• ADIN1100 in MII Mode, no TX_clk and RX_clk

    Hello, i am trying to get the ADIN1100 to work in MII mode.

    My understanding of the standard MII interface is that there should be a TX_clk and RX_clk signal all the time on the according pins and that those clock signals should be generated and driven…

  • ADIN1100 Evaluation Setup and debugging inputs

    Hello Team,

    We setup the LoopBack connection. Please refer the Loop_Back_Setup image for this. The DUT(Device Under Testing) and reference board are detected and Link Up successfully. Please refer the Ouput_Image for this. We want to ping the DUT board…

  • 10BASE-T1L through a standard 2-wire telephone cable


    There is a task to transmit voice with using 10BASE-T1L through a standard 2-wire telephone cable.

    Will it work if ADIN1100 or ADIN1110 are chosen?

    As far as I know these PHYs are specified for a twisted pair. What about other cables?

    Cable example…

  • Regarding the connection between ADIN1110 and other PHYs

    I'm looking for a PHY with a built-in MAC for the purpose of simplifying the design

    Is it possible to connect the ADIN1110 receiving PHY to a general PHY (not T1L compatible) as long as it is within the Ethernet standard?

    (For example, ADIN1100 to…

  • RE: 10Base-T1S + PoDL design?

    Hi David,

    I am sorry for late reply, if you did not get any before.

    We have products for 10BASE-T1L like ADIN1100 (PHY only) or ADIN1110 (MAC+PHY). 

  • ADIN 1100 SPE PHY Ethernet design queries

    Hi Team,

    We are designing a board based on 8M Mini platform for with ADIN1100 SPE PHY for industrial application. While designing its schematic and layout, we found below queries which I would like to get answer/confirmation for.

    1) Does ADIN110 have…

  • ADI kernel build issue (Can't find master linux branch?)

    I am building ADI kernel from buildroot using 2019.1 toolchain from Xilinx SDK (per recommendation from the Wiki page). The toolchain version in microblaze_adi_defconfig is set o 4.14 (BR2_TOOLCHAIN_HEADERS_AT_LEAST="4.14"), I had to modify the .config…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2021 年 4 月)



    i have gotten the EVAL-ADIN1100FMCZ Board by your Distributor Partner ARROW.

    I miss a description of this board and how i can get start it with the Tool Software  "Analog Devices Ethernet PHY".

    If i connect it it looks like a driver for…