• ADIN1100 Transmit Voltage Configuration

    We are using the ADIN1100 in an application that must meet Ex ia hazardous locations standards. A question has come up about the 1.0 Vp-p transmit magnitude of the T1L signal coming out of the spur power source ports on our product.

    We have pin 31 (RXD_0…

  • Time synchronization accuracy when implementing a network on ADIN1100


    I'm interested ADIN1100.

    What time synchronization accuracy can be obtained when implementing a network on these microcircuits?

    Microsecond or better - is it achievable?

    Best Regards,


  • ADIN1100 isolated transformer interface to 10SPE cable

    Where can I find help to dimension / calculate  Transformer for Isolated 10SPE  cable interface for ADIN1100 - where can I find guide lines 

  • ADIN1100 in MII Mode, no TX_clk and RX_clk

    Hello, i am trying to get the ADIN1100 to work in MII mode.

    My understanding of the standard MII interface is that there should be a TX_clk and RX_clk signal all the time on the according pins and that those clock signals should be generated and driven…

  • ADIN1100 Evaluation Setup and debugging inputs

    Hello Team,

    We setup the LoopBack connection. Please refer the Loop_Back_Setup image for this. The DUT(Device Under Testing) and reference board are detected and Link Up successfully. Please refer the Ouput_Image for this. We want to ping the DUT board…

  • EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ, EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ Layout clearance under crystals

    The EV-ADIN1100 and EV-ADIN1110 boards probably have windows under the resonators. There are no such windows on the EV-ADIN2111 board. Can you clarify why this is done? (maybe this is some kind of problem with radiated emissions?)



  • ADIN1110 and ESP32

    Hi, i would like to send data from an ESP32 to a Rapsberry Pi through 10Base-T1L using 2 ADIN1110 Evaluation Boards.

    The schema should be like this:

    ESP32 -> (SPI) -> ADIN1110 Board 1 -> (Single Pair) -> ADIN1110 Board 2 -> (???) -> Raspberry…

  • 10BASE-T1L through a standard 2-wire telephone cable


    There is a task to transmit voice with using 10BASE-T1L through a standard 2-wire telephone cable.

    Will it work if ADIN1100 or ADIN1110 are chosen?

    As far as I know these PHYs are specified for a twisted pair. What about other cables?

    Cable example…

  • RE: Source codes for EVAL-ADIN2111EBZ and EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ

    Hi  ,

    We provide both Linux Drivers and generic C code drivers (referred as Non-OS Drivers), the links are available under the Software & Systems Requirements section (e.g. for the ADIN1100: https://www.analog.com/en/products/adin1100…

  • RE: eval-adin1110ebz + eval-adin1100ebz source code


    There are sources for:
    adin1100 - zed
                    - zc706
                    - zcu102
    We don't have an official release that includes all the above, yet.