• RE: [ADGM1304] Avoiding MEMS switch damage

    Hi Siva,

    For optimum operation of ADGM1304 it's recommended to add 10M ohm resistors on all RF nodes to avoid any floating which may cause unreliable actuation and also we don't recommend to connect cap directly to the ADGM1304 as cap holds the charge…

  • How to purchase ADGM1304 RF MEMS switch....?Kindly help me.

    ADGM1304 RF MEMS

  • Leakage current of ADGM1304 & ADGM1004


    ADGM1004 has ESD diodes at its RFx & RFC pins when compared to ADGM1304 (which doesn't have). 

    1. Then shouldn't the leakage at RFx & RFC pins in ADGM1004 be higher when compared with ADGM1304. But according to the data sheet, both…

  • RE: RF Switches DC PASS Characteristics: ADG919 BCPZ Voltage and Current Handling

    Hi Mavenx,

    Unfortunately ADG919 can only able to pass 0.5V DC only. I want to recommend ADGM1304 or ADGM1004 to serve your purpose. ADGM1304 and ADGM1004 are SP4T MEMS switches operational from 0Hz/DC to 14GHz and 13GHz respectively. The main difference…

  • RE: [ADGM1304] Cleaning ADGM1304 switch PCB with IPA

    Hi Siva,

    Yes you can use Iso-Propyl Alcohol for cleaning the PCB. Please do not leave the board for long time (I mean for hours) in IPA, use IPA it for cleaning only.



  • RE: ADGM1304 Open Power Handling


    ADGM1304 is only qualified to pass 36dbm maximum RF power. Unfortunately I cannot suggest you any alternative specification for max RF power as passing more than 36dBm RF power will impact the lifetime of the ADGM1304.



  • RE: how to buy MEMS switches

    Hi Raji,

    To buy ADGM1304 MEMS switch, you need to go on the product page of ADGM1304, and there is a contact ADI button under the order section in the product page. After clicking contact ADI button you can submit your customer service request and our…

  • ADGM1304 quesion

    Hi Sir,

    After learned , I don't know why need to have VCP pin ?

    When will I use to this pin , connect it to 80V, and there is  any advantage  ? Or when have to use it?

    Thank you!

  • RE: RF switch with at least 100M

    Hi Kent,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    ADG9xx series switches can only pass DC voltage up to 0.5V DC and they don't operate on negative voltage.

    I would like to recommend ADGM1304 SP4T MEMS switch which is operation from 0Hz/DC to 14GHz and can…

  • RE: MEMS Switch at Audio Frequencies?

    Hello JL,

    ADGM1304 is SP4T MEMS switch which is operation from 0Hz/DC upto 14GHz. Its very small size it is packaged in 24 lead 5mm x 4mm x 0.95mm LFCSP package. This switch should solve your problem.

    We have two MEMS switch released ADGM1304 and ADGM1004…