• [ADGM1304] Cleaning ADGM1304 switch PCB with IPA


    I would like to clean my PCB with IPA (Iso-Propyl Alcohol) after soldering, since leakage currents at RFx & RFC pins are higher. Is it safe to clean the PCB by dipping in IPA ?.  I am asking this because i am worried, whether moisture might enter…

  • ADGM1304 quesion

    Hi Sir,

    After learned , I don't know why need to have VCP pin ?

    When will I use to this pin , connect it to 80V, and there is  any advantage  ? Or when have to use it?

    Thank you!

  • ADGM1304 Parasitic capacitance


    I have a question about ADGM1304
    Is there "s-para data" of the RFC terminal of this device?
    I want to know the parasitic capacitance of RFC terminal and GND
  • ADGM1304 Open Power Handling

    The datasheet specifies a maximum power handling of +36 dBm, Based on my evaluation of the switch it appears this number is driven by maximum power in the closed state while conducting.  Is there an alternative, higher specification for power handling…

  • Leakage current of ADGM1304 & ADGM1004


    ADGM1004 has ESD diodes at its RFx & RFC pins when compared to ADGM1304 (which doesn't have). 

    1. Then shouldn't the leakage at RFx & RFC pins in ADGM1004 be higher when compared with ADGM1304. But according to the data sheet, both…

  • ADGM1304 standing-wave vs temperature

    Good day,

            We wants to use ADGM1304  to replace the traditional EMR switch, however, seems the temperature impact the standing-wave performance very much during the test.

    Do you have related infomation about the temperature test , or do you have any…

  • ADGM1304 MEMS Switch

    The video feedthrough specification is 16mv peak tested with a 1M ohm load at RFx pin. What is the video feedthrough voltage level with a 50 ohm load at RFx?

  • ADGM1304 more information available?


    I am interested in the information of ADGM1304, datasheet, spec, release time, sample, s-parameter, etc.

    What is the part status? pre-release?

    It is "Recommended for New Designs"

    ADGM1304 | datasheet and product info DC to 14 GHz…

  • [ADGM1304] Avoiding MEMS switch damage


    Apart from the precautions mentioned in the data sheet, is there any other electrical precautions we need to take care. Since, I have problems in some of the SP4T's individual switches getting damaged. I am using MEMS switches for making a switched…

  • ADGM1304 RF Common Open

    The datasheet describes: "avoid RFx pins left open circuit".

    Is this also valid for RFC?