• Leakage current of ADGM1304 & ADGM1004


    ADGM1004 has ESD diodes at its RFx & RFC pins when compared to ADGM1304 (which doesn't have). 

    1. Then shouldn't the leakage at RFx & RFC pins in ADGM1004 be higher when compared with ADGM1304. But according to the data sheet, both…

  • MEMS Switch ADGM1004 RF input

    I want to use the MEMS switch as a single-pole, three-throw relay. However, there is a question. Our signal swing is +/- 1V. Can the ADGM1004 support a RF input with negative volage?

  • ADGM1004 Eval board PCB finish


    In the data sheet for the ADGM1004 Evaluation board, it is mentioned that "Finished Copper Plating" is used as "Metal-1 & 4". In my PCB board, I have HAL (Sn-Pb) finish, does it affect in anyway ?.



  • EXTD_EN pin (ADGM1004) vs SLEEP pin (ADGM1304)


    Is the EXTD_EN pin in ADGM1004 and SLEEP pin in ADGM1304 have the same functionality of putting the IC in sleep mode?.

  • ADGM1004 power consumption requirements when activating IN1 to IN4

    The datasheet information (Page 4) mentions 3 to 4mA for Idd @VDD=3.3V.  While not switching (IN1..IN4=0V), the measured power consumption matches with the specs.

    However, while switching, the power consumption is much higher - I am not sure if there is…

  • Can the Eval-ADGM1004 connect to a computer

    I can see it doesn't have a USB port or software that comes with it. So I assume it doesn't but I just want to get clarification.

  • ADGM1004/1304: What are expected values for CRF (RF port capacitance) On and Off for 10MHz, 100MHz, and 1GHz?

    Besides this main question, I also have two additional ones:

    1) While Vcc_max is 6V, the datasheet mentions the 3.1V to 3.3V range. I would like to use 3.6V due to an existing power source - any issue in using 3.6V? What would be the disadvantages of…

  • Hi, i want to use RF/MEMS switch having part number ADGM1304 and ADGM1004. For that i need the ADS model to simulation purpose. Please help me .  Thank you,  Shriman narayana

    Dear sir,

    I am working in the area of RF/MEMS and for that i need the ADS model of LDC - 0 Hz/DC to 14 GHz, Single-Pole, Four-Throw MEMS Switch with Integrated Driver having part number ADGM1304 and ADGM1004. 


    Please help me for this.


    Thank you,

  • RE: RF Switches DC PASS Characteristics: ADG919 BCPZ Voltage and Current Handling

    Hi Mavenx,

    Unfortunately ADG919 can only able to pass 0.5V DC only. I want to recommend ADGM1304 or ADGM1004 to serve your purpose. ADGM1304 and ADGM1004 are SP4T MEMS switches operational from 0Hz/DC to 14GHz and 13GHz respectively. The main difference…

  • RE: Replacing DIP and mechanical switches


    I think our MEMS switches may work in your application. We have two MEMS switches released ADGM1304 and ADGM1004. They are both SP4T switches. They have max RON of 2.9ohm and able to pass DC signal of +/-6V. So I think they could fit in your application…