• ADG936 Package Markings

    Where can I find package marking information for the ADG936? I want to make sure the ADG936 version is installed on my board instead of the ADG936-R version.  

  • ADG936 input DC offset

    I am planning to use the ADG936 switches for application where input DC offset is 0.8V. The input signal frequency will be less than 400MHz and the AC swing on each input (each RF1X, RF2X input) can be as high as 0.8Vpp (or +- 0.4V). So each input can…

  • ADG936 INx/RFx Suatus

    Dear All:

    I think ADG936 simply ADG936 IC VDD no power INx.RFx default status why? if VDD=2.5V then INx-floating.RFx status why?

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  • ADG936 at 6 GHz


    I would like to connect the ADG936 switch with the ADL5375 and ADL5380. I would like to use the whole range of this two mod/dem devices (up to 6 GHz). and I want to adaptate two specific filters, and switch between them with the ADG936 switch. In…

  • ADG936 RF switch and DC Bias

    I am planning to use AD9122 DAC outputs with 0.5V bias as inputs to ADG936 (at A and B inputs), for DC-100MHz signals. I want to make sure that the 0.5V dc bias on the DAC signal is available and not blocked (except for insertion loss at DC) at the RFC…

  • ADG936 for switching output AD995x?

    I search switch for switching current output from DDS AD995x I look AD936 but I have problem understand DC bias.

    Is possible use AD936 in substitution for relay on this design?


  • Can we use ADG936 to switch the ADL5387's LO?


    We need use a analog switch to choose one LO from two differential signal sources. Is ADG936 the right choice? Please see the schem attached.



  • RE: is there this kind of rf switch?

    Please excuse my late reply. Our ADG936 switch should work for you here.  Its a Dual SPDT 50ohm RF switch.  It is available as a reflective or an absorptive switch. 


  • Absorptive switch option

    Absorptive options of the ADG901, ADG918, ADG936, and ADG904 switches are available.  What are these and where would they be used?

  • RE: ADL5375 Switch DP4T

    Refer LO INPUTS section at the page 6 of ADL5375 datasheet. Required LO Drive Level at ADL5375 is between -6 to +6dBm. And there are 0.9dB insertion loss at 1GHz and 3dB at 4GHz. It varies over frequency, temp,and supply voltage. Take a look at Figure…