• ADG918/ADG919 control logic

    Does ADG918/ADG919 control logic (CTRL input) compatible with 3.3V LVTTL?

  • bipolar dc bias on ADG918 or ADG919

    I was wondering what the limits for (quasi-) dc signals for the ADG918/919 switches are?

    Most importantly, is it ok to apply negative dc bias?
    Our application needs a switch for bipolar (±1.5V) time signals with a bandwidth of up to ~1GHz but also…

  • RE: Some questions about ADG918

    Hi Wayne,

    It might be helpful for you to note the S11 data points for the ADG918 mentioned in the datasheet (in Table 1). This will give you data for what the return loss limits are for several frequency points when the switch is on and return loss data…

  • RE: ADF7021 with external Rx/Tx switch (ADG919)

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • RE: Reflective switches

    The reflective switch is the same as the absorptive switch except the 50ohm shunt resistor is replaced by a 0ohm element.  The ADG902 (SPST), ADG919 (SPDT), ADG936R (dual SPDT), and the ADG904R (SP4T) parts are reflective switches.  A reflective switch…

  • RE: Regarding ADG918 switch

    Hi Radhika,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.  There was some issue with our notification system. 

    I have attached a document that shows our recommendation for applying the DC bias.  I think this will help you. 



  • RF Switch required for Iridium Satellite Transceiver

    Hi, I need to switch an Iridium satellite transceiver between two identical passive antennas. The Iridium transceiver has the following specifications:


    Operating Frequency: 1616 to 1626.5 MHz

    Average Power during Transmission (Max): 38.45 dBm


  • ADG918 Blocking of high amplitude signals

    I'm planning to use the ADG918 for multiplexing between two inputs. The ON path shall pass signals up to +/-0.5Vp which is nicely within the 7 dBm max. input spec. The OFF port may, however, be subjected to 20-40 ns spikes of up to +/-2Vp. My concern…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找