• ADG904

    I have a technical question on ADG904 RF switch.

    We wish to use it as analog switch for single frequency clipped sine-wave TCXO selection (from 10MHz to 100MHz).

    The problem is that we can’t load the TCXO for more than 10pF + 10K ohm and therefore we…

  • RE: difference between  ADG904 and ADG904-R eval boards?

    Hi Zorandinho,

    The physical pcbs are the same but the key difference is the ADG904 Evaluation board has the ADG904 (Absorptive, 50ohm shunt) switch on it while the ADG904-R evaluation board has the ADG904-R (reflective, short circuit shunt) part on it…

  • Issue about ADG904

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    when I use ADG904, should i need connecnt another 50ohm resistor  on the reciver board. And whether or not the ADG904 could operate bidirection.


  • ADG904_多芯片并联以实现更大的多路复用器



    输入: RF1, RF2, ... RF16;



  • ADG904 (4)

    Hi Eric,

    Is there a spice model I can use for simulation?

    Also, pls answer the specific question

    why the switch will attenuate the sine-wave of the TCXO?


  • ADG904 EVAL

    There is an error in the EVAL-ADG904 evaluation-board datasheet. Table 1 - describing the control switches truth table - swapped RF2 and RF3. At first sight, the table seems to be identical to Table 3 in the ADG904 datasheet (the chip's), but a close…

  • ADG904 (2)

    Hi Eric

    I am facing problems to reply to you in my last post. Your answer was: 

    I think there are a few things to consider here in this crystal switching application.  It sounds like your shunt load conditions for the TCXO are up to 10pF-10kohm (in parallel…

  • ADG904 (3)

    Hi Eric,

    The ADG704 has 54pF ON capacitance and it might degrade signal of TCXO (limit of 10pF).

    Sorry for repeating my question, I just don’t understand why the signal will be degraded – is the shunt transistors works when the switch is on?

    What is…

  • ADG products evaluation

    We want to choose ADG904 OR ADG918 for

    nA level optical current in APD application, the Output is TIA amp.

    our demand,

    1. ADG904 OR ADG918, which is more suitable for this application(Ibias and Ibias with temperature)

    2. TIA products in ADI solut…

  • Absorptive switch option

    Absorptive options of the ADG901, ADG918, ADG936, and ADG904 switches are available.  What are these and where would they be used?