• ADG904 DC handling


    I know the ADG904 can handle a DC bias of 0.5V, however I'd like to clarify something: can the switch actually pass DC from one port to the common port?

    E.g. if I inject 0.1V DC to RF1, will I get 0.1V DC on RFC?

    Thank you for your help


  • ADG904 turn on registance


    i have a question about ADG904

    i can't find information about turn on registance in datasheet.

    can you tell me about turn on registance??


  • VDD rail for ADG904 part

    Good afternoon,

    I am using the ADG904 in one of my designs, and am planning to control the switch (A0, A1 I/O) via signals I'm bringing onto the board through LVDS receivers. 

    The datasheet for the ADG904 specifies that the absolute maximum we can…

  • difference between  ADG904 and ADG904-R eval boards?

    What is difference between  ADG904 and ADG904-R evaluation boards?

  • ADG904 - Transcient voltage, lightning test



    The input of the circuit is a multiplexer ADG904.

    It is protected by a specific protection system based on TVS to limit the lignthing waves which may subject the circuit.


    The input level specified in the datasheet of ADG904 is very low.

  • Issue about ADG904

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    when I use ADG904, should i need connecnt another 50ohm resistor  on the reciver board. And whether or not the ADG904 could operate bidirection.


  • ADG904 (2)

    Hi Eric

    I am facing problems to reply to you in my last post. Your answer was: 

    I think there are a few things to consider here in this crystal switching application.  It sounds like your shunt load conditions for the TCXO are up to 10pF-10kohm (in parallel…

  • ADG904

    I have a technical question on ADG904 RF switch.

    We wish to use it as analog switch for single frequency clipped sine-wave TCXO selection (from 10MHz to 100MHz).

    The problem is that we can’t load the TCXO for more than 10pF + 10K ohm and therefore we…

  • ADG904 (4)

    Hi Eric,

    Is there a spice model I can use for simulation?

    Also, pls answer the specific question

    why the switch will attenuate the sine-wave of the TCXO?


  • ADG904 (3)

    Hi Eric,

    The ADG704 has 54pF ON capacitance and it might degrade signal of TCXO (limit of 10pF).

    Sorry for repeating my question, I just don’t understand why the signal will be degraded – is the shunt transistors works when the switch is on?

    What is…