• ADG901 RoHS compliant?

    Our company is starting to migrate new designs to all lead-free.

    We would like to use the ADG901, but I cannot see that the datasheet shows it is RoHS compliant.

    Can anyone there at Analog Devices verify it's compliance?



  • ADG901: Max current

    What does it mean the Continuos current = 30mA in the page 4 of the ADG901f?


    This is the maximum continuous current that can safely flow through the switch.
  • ADG901 Isolation issue

    I am usong the ADG901 and it is not working as per the specification, @ 60MHz I get a isolation of 20dBm and @ 1G I get a isolation of 24dBm

  • Garber-file for EVAL-ADG901


    Do you have garber data for the EVAL-ADG901?

    My customer would like to this one.

    Thanks and regards,


  • ADG901 with 3.3 V Supply

    Has anyone tried using the ADG901 with a 3.3 V supply and signal levels?

    The maximum VDD to ground rating is 4 V. I just want to use this for some prototyping and just power it directly from the microcontroller board I'm using.

  • Qualification data for ADG901-EP

    Do Analog Devices have the qualification data for ADG901-EP? It is stated in this webpage:


    that "Qualification data available on request…

  • ADG901  Switch condition under power off (Vcc=0V)

    What kind of switch condition of ADG901 when Vcc=0V?  Off, ON or indefinite?  

  • how to apply dc bias 0.5V to output of ADG901/2

    Hi! Sorry for fool Question but how can I apply DC Bias of 0p5V to out of ADG901/902 RF switch? I mean How to generate and inject it? Could you guide me, please?

  • RE: 希望产生一个10ns宽的脉冲调制信号




            接着之前正选信号  +  开关的方案 说。我现在使用贵司的ADG901做开关隔离度不好,不知道如果使用俩个ADG901是否会使隔离度提高,即一个ADG901隔离度31dB ,俩个ADG901串联就变成62dB了呢?这种芯片没用过,请帮忙指导。




  • Absorptive switch option

    Absorptive options of the ADG901, ADG918, ADG936, and ADG904 switches are available.  What are these and where would they be used?