• ADG884 channel mismatch over voltage and temperature

    My customer is using the ADI ADG884, but is having issues with the channel mismatch over voltage and temperature.  He needs a

    a “low On resistance” analog switch that operates at 5V; which also has milli-ohm channel matching.

    Is there a part that is…

  • ADG884 Location at Audio Amplifier Output


    We are using ADG884 for switching audio signal from one channel to another as shown in the image below.

    In the datasheet of ADG884 it is specified "Analog Signal Range is 0 to Vdd". This raised a doubt in our mind that what should be its location…

  • ADG884 Overvoltage

    Why does the ADG884 switch get stuck at a certain voltage when the input
    voltage exceeds the maximum


    Under or overvoltage spikes can trigger parasitics in the part that cause
    new paths to be created in the silicon, which…
  • RE: ADG884 switch Bi-Directional..?

    Hi Stephen - thanks for following up.

    The input signal - the noisy one - is an electric guitar - we have a passive circuit after the ADG884. Consequently the input voltages can be quite low amplitude

    The output that's clean is into an electric…

  • ADG884 switching issue at 80-85 Deg. C operating temperature.

    ADG884 switching issue at 80-85 Deg. C operating temperature.

    We are using ADG884 in data acquisition system. 

    ADG884 is multiplexing two difference voltage followed by instrumentation amplifier and Delta sigma ADC. The 1st voltage is 25~50mV and 2nd…

  • ADG884: Bandwidth simulation

    I´m using the spice model of the ADG884. In the datasheet the -3dB Bandwidth is
    18MHz. In the simulation the result is about 1.7GHz. Is the analog bandwidth of
    the signal chain not contained in the Spice model?


    The SPICE Model of ADG884…
  • ADG884 Threshold voltage on IN1/IN2

    I selected the ADG884 to switch analog signals which have a 0-5V range (hence I'm powering it from the same 5V rail) using a logic signal that has a minimum high voltage of 2.5V as the ADG884 data sheet says that when powered from 5V the digital inputs…

  • Input decap


    Do I need a supply decoupling/bypass cap for the analog switch/mux (say ADG884) if it does not switch often (mostly one time per power up session)?

  • RE: About an ADG884 power supply off state

    Hello Yuji,

    The state of the switch with no power supplied is not gaurantteed.  In addition if a signal is applied to the unpowered switch it can turn the switch on and forward bias the ESD diodes.  To avoid these risks I would recommend to use the ADG4612…

  • RE: ADG824 / ADG884 switch impedances with Vdd=0

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, you are correct. When Vdd=0V the switches are turned off of in high impedance. However, when an audio signals are present and Vdd = 0V, you are risking the overvoltage event.

    Let me explain it this way, the source and drain terminals have…