• About the tolerance of ADG849 package.

    Hi Sir,

    About the few information of [ADG849YKSZ-500RL7] package. I can’t find the tolerance information of chip from datasheet.
    Cloud you help me to provide more information about this?

    Thank you very much.

    Hub Chang.

  • RE: ADG849 Power Switching


    I will replace the chip and re-measure these parameters.


  • Glitch on the ADG849 input/output

    Hi Support,

    we are facing a glitch issue in the ADG849 input/output. The problem goes like this. We are feeding Square wave of 1ms with 2.5Vpp wave on S1 (Pin-4) and S2 (Pin-6) has constant DC voltage generated from the log detector/op-amp circuit. We…

  • RE: I have made the circuit as in CN-0217 .could any one help me with the code in which switching of ADG 849 is involved


    Unfortunately, we do not have code that involves the ADG849 switching for the CN-0217.

    But you can use one GPIO pin of your microcontroller to control the switch and insert the switching between the calibration and measurement sequence.

    Best regards…

  • RE: what's the status of ADG849 when power off?


    The condition that will be present at the output of the ADG849 cannot be guaranteed by us if there is no power supply present.

    We do have some switches that can handle the situation where there is no power such as the ADG508F and the ADG465/67 but…

  • RE: Calibrating AD5933 with Arduino

    In this case leave J2 unconnected. It will allow you to measure the impedance as low as 20 Ω plus whatever the residual resistance ADG849 has (0.5 Ω typical). Watch out for the AD8606 output current restriction at 80 mA though.

  • RE: Switch between two TCXOs to feeding ADF4350

    Hi Tim,

    Since you want to select between a 10MHz size and the 26MHz TCXO, I would suggest to start by estimating the bandwidth of the 26MHz clipped sine wave from the TXCO and choose a switch with the lowest On resistance that meets the bandwidth criteria…

  • RE: Analog Switches Suitable for use in Charge Amplifiers


    I think analog switch should have neither buffering nor directivity, means just impedance between terminals

    You can get DC resistance from the datasheet and estimate non-linearity introduced by it.

    Regarding the switching capabilities, you should…

  • RE: AD9858的DDS无输出

    如下附件有DDS 的常见问题,可以检查一下,是否有类似的问题

  • RE: AD9910并行端口控制相位,急!!!!