• ADG804: Is it bidirectional?

    After a single supply, 1:4 Demux.  It's not clear from datasheet if ADG804 is bidirectional. 

    Otherwise could use ADG824 or 836

  • ADG804 Alternative

    I wanted to use the ADG804 mux for high-temp application, but it appears that there isn't a break-out or development board. Is there a similar 4:1 high-temp mux that has a break-out or development board? Thanks in advance!

  • ADG804: Maximum voltage

    I have an application which I want to Mux between 4
    Voltages(95V,98V,101V,104V), According to digital command. The average current
    is 100mA, On resistance less than 1 Ohm.Can I use the ADG804?


    Analog Devices do not have a solution…
  • RE: ADG804 strange behavior

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  • RE: ADG804 Frequency Response

    Hello Gary,

    The flattening of the distortion at lower frequencies on the graph is due to the noise floor of the analyzer. The device itself does not get any noisier.



  • ADG804 : maximum peak current


    I have a question from our customer about ADG804.
    In the customer application, 3.5ms 350mA pulseed current flow from D to S terminal.
    The VDD is 3.5V and this pulsed current is single, not repeatetive.

    The limitaion for current is followings,

  • RE: ADG706 For Single Supply 1.8V Ron


      The only mention I see WRT 1.8V is on the first page under features.  It looks like some marketing person engaged in puffery.

    I would NOT use this part on 1.8V.   Use a part that has a spec table for 1.8V operation such as the ADG804 or ADG841.


  • RE: ADuCM350 Measuring High Impedance

    Switches like ADG804 turn into capacitors when they are off. You can expect up to tens of pF of such parasitic capacitance, so when you measure "at higher frequencies" the equivalent impedance can easily be in hundreds of kOhms. Say, 20pF at 80 KHz is…

  • RE: Need information

    Hi Eric,

    Apologies for late response.

    1. If you use ADG804 to set your selectable gain, please take into account its on resistance (0.8Ω max) and leakage current (0.1 nA) which will induce errors to your system. For example, with a 100 kΩ feedback resistor…

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