• ADG804: Maximum voltage

    I have an application which I want to Mux between 4
    Voltages(95V,98V,101V,104V), According to digital command. The average current
    is 100mA, On resistance less than 1 Ohm.Can I use the ADG804?


    Analog Devices do not have a solution for this.

  • Any plan to offer smaller package for ADG804?

    Is there any plan to offer a smaller package for ADG804? It's the 4:1 analog MUX with the lowest resistance on the market right now, but the 3x5mm MSOP-10 package is too large. As a comparison, Texas Instrument's TMUX1104 is functionally equivalent with…

  • ADG804: Is it bidirectional?

    After a single supply, 1:4 Demux.  It's not clear from datasheet if ADG804 is bidirectional. 

    Otherwise could use ADG824 or 836

  • RE: ADG804 strange behavior

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  • ADG804 : maximum peak current


    I have a question from our customer about ADG804.
    In the customer application, 3.5ms 350mA pulseed current flow from D to S terminal.
    The VDD is 3.5V and this pulsed current is single, not repeatetive.

    The limitaion for current is followings,

  • ADG804 Frequency Response


    I am interested in using the ADG804 as a programmable step attenuator. However, I would be using it at frequencies as low as 5Hz. Can anyone please let me know if the device is usable to that frequency? By usable, I mean specifically, distortion…

  • ADG804 Alternative

    I wanted to use the ADG804 mux for high-temp application, but it appears that there isn't a break-out or development board. Is there a similar 4:1 high-temp mux that has a break-out or development board? Thanks in advance!

  • RE: ADG704 family

    Hi Matt,

    The ADG804 and the ADG1604 are other low voltage, low on resistance 4:1 muxes available in the Analog Device portfolio.



  • RE: AD8422增益控制