• RE: Impedance of an Un-energized SPST

    Hi May,

    First of all, appreciate for all the recommendations and technical details. I am glad to have you chat with me on this.

    Let me answer your questions inset below.

    • Is there any way you can tie up the Vdd of the ADG801 to a stable 5V supply…
  • ADG801_parallel multiple switch to reduce Ron

    We are reviewing ADG801 analog switch for one of our DCS project.
    Can ADG801 tie in parallel to make Ron half of the specification in datasheet?


    Yes It is possible to tie multiple switches in parallel to reduce the Ron
  • ADG801 sinks current when enabled


    I am currently working with the ADG801, using it to control the flow of low power at DC.  I understand my application is not RF, however, since the device I am using is a switch that can also be used in RF signal applications I figured this would…

  • ADG801_多开关并联以降低Ron



  • ADG801 ERROR(ORPSIM-15159): RON or ROFF greater than 1/GMIN for VSWITCH model X_U13.VON.

    Tried basic simulation of ADG801 ( spice model downloaded from AD site)

    in PSpice, cadence 17.2, got : ERROR(ORPSIM-15159): RON or ROFF greater than 1/GMIN for VSWITCH model X_U13.VON

    Could you help with this please


  • RE: ADG701/702 710L/702L as low current road switch

    Hi Ricky,

    Ok, I understand better now. The ADG701/02 could be a option as it has low Idd 1uAmax. But note its Ron is typically 2ohms comparded to 50mohms for the ADP198.  Is the reverse current protection function of the ADP198 important in this application…

  • RE: Can I use ADG801to switch DC bias of Gain block?

    Hi Eric

    I checked "load switch" devices. These devices are good covering voltage as well as current requirements.

    But the turn-on / turn-off times are very high.

    I need turn -on time less than 5us where as Turn-off time can be 100us (approx…

  • RE: 大家有用过ADG788单刀双掷开关吗?有没有什么值得注意的问题?求赐教!


  • RE: Migrating from ADG1606 to ADG726

    Hello tklein,

    Here are some answers to your questions:

    1. The GND for the chip should be at 0V; the signal voltage should not go below the chip GND.
    2. Both pins are used to supply the switching components and digital supply; VDD should be supplied to…
  • RE: Replacement of Photorelay

    Hi Avraka,

    The requirements are different to get in a single switch.  The ADG8xx series are the lowest Ron switches we have and would satisfy the 0.5ohm requirement but if the input voltage needs to be 10V then this series is not suitable.  If 5V can be…