• Other NMOS switches like ADG774A or ADG794


    I was wondering if Analog (incl. Maxim) offered more NMOS type switches like the ADG774A and ADG794.

    I think the purely N-type switches would be way superior to the CMOS switches in many applications that do not require the full voltage range from…

  • RE: How to measure the leakage currents of ADG709,ADG719,ADG794


    When off leakage is measured both S and D have bias voltages on them. For example, when VDD = 5.5V, VS = 1V and VD = 4.5V or vice-versa. Also there would be no load when leakage is measured.

    The accuracy and resolution of the ammeter is also important…

  • ADG794

    I need to switch a differential analog signal with a common-mode voltage of 3.5 volts (output from an LTC5585 IQ demodulator) with at least 300 MHz of signal bandwidth into various gain stages and bandwidth-limiting filters, 25 to 250 MHz .  The ADG794…

  • ADG794 Synchronously Rectified Charge Injection


    I'm trying to synchronously rectify and integrate a high-impedance AC signal using an ADG794 switch in the circuit shown below.

    It works for lower values of R1, but once the current drops below about 100nA RMS, the integrator goes the wrong…

  • ADG794 video switching

    Has anyone had success with this chip?

    I'm experiencing really bad crosstalk between the two inputs. input 2 audio coming through to input 1 side.

    Can anyone help on this?

    The video is perfect... just the audio that's causing a problem!

  • spice model

    Hello everyone

    In my project I have to build an LVDT including its signal conditioner circuit. I have recently found on the internet that one can build an LVDT using  a very inexpensive signal conditioner circuit which includes components such as ADA2200…

  • RE: Multiple ADA2200 demodulating LVDTs, How to drive the primaries?

    Hello Erik

    Were you able to resolve this?

    I am planning to do the exact same thing.

    I am unable to understand whether I need to have 8 ADA2200 devices or 8 ADG794 switches!

    Can you please share some starters?

  • CN-0371

    Recently I saw the board of CN-0371, but I have a doubt, because the LVDT matched with CN0371 is driven by square wave excitation signal, so the existence of ADG794 is meaningful, but I want to use MHR-050LVDT, which is driven by sine wave excitation…

  • How to drive multiple LVDT primary windings with ADA2200?

    Hello all,

    I am using the reference design in as described in CN0371 where in an ADA2200 is driving an ADG794 switch. The the reference has 2 of the four outputs of the switch dedicated to driving P+ and 2 dedicated to P-.

    So here is my question: I need…