• RE: ADG3257 Circuit review

    Hi Keerthana,

    All of your connections to ADG3257 are fine. Based on your application, you don't need voltage translation between the input and the output since both of them are 3.3 V LVCMOS logic. I think an SPDT switch is more suitable for this application…

  • Whether External clock i/p level of 1.8V is acceptable range for SOM(AD9361) in picozed

    In picozed schematic, it is mentioned that AD9361_CLK must be 1.3 Vpp max, but the internal reference clock signal to ADG772(U5) is at 1.8V,

    Will it not affect XTALN pin level requirement of AD9361. The capacitive voltage divider may not do voltage division…

  • RE: ADG794

    Hi tgcoombs,

    I checked the ADG774 and found out that the device is an Nmos only switch thus is has a restricted signal range.

    You might want to check the ADG772, dual 2:1 Mux with 6.7ohms on resistance and has a bandwidth of up to 63MHz. The ADG772 has a…

  • RE: Isolate MIPI bus with ADN4650


    Yes, ADN4650 can pass the high-speed signals. In order to pass the low power signals, a standard isolator like ADuM160N is needed, though the signal levels are 1.2V so use a level shifter like ADG3308. On the output side of the isolators, it's more…

  • RE: ADG1236 mux CANBUS


    Yes this would be a good choice.

    Also depending on the voltages involved, you could have a look at the ADG772.



  • RE: Searching a bidirectional, differential 2 channel switch (1:2)

    Hi Benjamin,

    You could try the ADG772 it is a Dual channel 2:1 mux/demux with a -3dB Bandwidth of 630 Mhz




  • RE: ADRV1CRR-BOB with AD9361 External Clock


    Is there an explanation on how to connect an external clock to the BOB carrier board?

    Looking at the schematic of the BOB and the ADRV9361 there is no connection between the AD9361_CLK net to the JX4 pin 63.

    Pins 61, 65 are connected to Ground…

  • external clock input signal level for AD9361 in SOM2

    In SOM2, clock input to AD9361 is selected between 40MH crystal output or external clock signal using ADG772 mux. It is mentioned in the schematic that, the external clock signal should be 1.3V pk-pk max. but the 40MHz crystal o/p is 1.8V max. Whether…

  • RE: ADG419 Enable pin Crosstalk

    Hi, Steve.

    What I suspect that could be the cause, for now, is when the ADG419 switches between the two oscillators, the switch is not settled yet, thus, you see this kind of interference in your output. You can see this in your plot of the output signal…

  • RE: ADG858 for USB?

    Hi May,

    Thanks for the reply. ADG774 is actually what I was looking for. But its package seems not small enough for my application. So I guess I will use two ADG772 devices.