• RE: ADG726/ADG732 Programming

    A decade later almost committed the same mistake with EN resulting in embarrassing jumpers

    I am glad that the latest datasheet is better but still some corrections need to be done at vantage points in the datasheet.

    The following screen shot explains…

  • ADG732 /CS state


    I use several ADG732 multiplexers in my design. If you look at table 11 in the datasheet (Rev. B), the first two lines are quite similar.
    On the first line it says that if /CS is high and /WR changes from low to high, the control input data is latched…

  • ADG619, ADG732 power requirement


    ADG619's power requirement Idd is found to be 1uA as per datasheet, can I consider the same value for power budget calculation?

    As the power requirement is comparatively low I want to confirm before power budgeting, also I kindly request to advice…

  • ADG732

    Is ADG732  have 32 pins I/O Multiplexer....  if we feed one input(voltage) to the multiplexer i will get exact output (voltage)or not??? rest of the pins what is the status......either high impedance or not....

  • Request to share ADG732 & ADG619 impedance value


    I'm planning to use ADG732 & ADG619 in my project as i could not find 1:64 Analog switch.

    1) I want to know ADG732's impedance of Sx wrt D for the selected and unselected pins, i.e, impedance on S1 - S32 with respect to D when switch S1 is…

  • ADG732 Current rate

    Hi Stephen,

    Actually we want to know what is the exact current limit for if S1 is connect with D .. at same time Rest of the pins that is not connected pins are high impedance  and Ron,crosstalk like that we know .....as you said yesterday....and rest…

  • RE: Is ADG732 suitable for DC small signal multiplexing?


    Yes the ADG732 is suitable for this application.

    Usually the first thing to think about with switch selection is the supply voltages available. for a full list of our products please see our latest selection guide.


  • ADG732 LFCSP exposed Pad

    The ADG732 exposed Pad of the LFCSP package – should it be connected to GND?


    The recommendation is to tie the exposed pad to the lowest supply rail (Vss),
    but it is not essential for the operation of this part.
  • programming ADG732 - Looking for a Tester Socket or Break out board

    Hi -

    I am trying to build a prototype using ADG732 to connect a large number of sensors to my Arduino board.

    Is there a Test socket or breakout board available in market which will enable me to connect the IC pins with my Arduino and other sensors.

    The pins…

  • RE: Switching spike on ADG732

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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