• RE: ADG725/ADG731 programming

    I agree with Gabriel P,

    Documentation should be :

    A3 A2 A1 A0 EN CSA CSB Switch Condition
     X  0   1   1 Retains Previous Switch Condition
     X  1   X   X All Switches OFF

    instead of

    A3 A2 A1 A0 EN CSA CSB Switch Condition
     X    1   1 Retains Previous…

  • ADG731 Decoupling cap

    Hi all!

    I wanted to ask if there are any suggestions on adding decoupling capacitors to the ADG731 working at 3.3V. 

    I'm sure this will depend most likely on my application, but I wanted to see if there is a general rule of thumb for decoupling/bypass…

  • RE: ADG731 SPI Out


    A part I can recommend with an SPI out is the ADG738.



  • RE: ADG731

    Hi Jean-Luc,

    The functionality of the part cannot be guaranteed at 1.6V and to operate the device at this voltage is not recommended.



  • ADG731 DRAIN delay

    Dear AD community,

    I want to use the ADG731 32 ch multiplexer to read 32 potentiometers with an ATMega MCU(lets say for example an Arduino MEGA/UNO), I have wired everything and it works but it doesn't works as fast as I would want.

    The problem…

  • micro controller based driver for ADG731 required


    I want to use ADG731 using Ardunio Due SPI interface but I can not find the driver file to include in the programming. Can you please tell me or send me the driver file that I can use with Arduino or MSP430. Thanks



  • RE: SPI Communication ADG731


    The ADG731 should be compatible with SPI mode 1 or 2.



  • RE: adg731 all switches off


    The enable bit is the first bit in the ADG731 register, so to turn off all the switches you would need to write 1000 0000 to the device.



  • ADG731 as a demux?

    Hi all,

    I'm getting a little confused with the terminology of mux and demux.

    I wish to connect one analogue signal to 32 different outputs. Is it as simple as flipping the terminals Sxx as outputs and D as the input?

    I'm confused as the datasheet…

  • ADG731 used to monitor in system voltage and current values but ocasionally causes the values to be pulled to zero?

    I am using an ADG731 32 channel mux to monitor 28 points in a system and transfer the levels to a serial A to D. the duty cycle is about 2.3 seconds whilst thetest takes in the order of  164 ms. sometimes during the cycle the addressed channel pulls the…