• ADG728: Input and output current for safe operation

    Under what max. tolerable current
    your clamp internal diodes on S1through S8 inputs will provide
    protection of that inputs from overvoltage? Refer to Absolute maximum
    ("Overvoltages at IN, S or D will be clamped by internal…

  • ADG728 with LTC6813


    We want to increase the Analog pins capability of our LTC6813 IC by adding a multiplexer (ADG728), Does ADG728 need more than pure I2C communication with the LTC6813 board? Would a third-party solution like Analog MUX2 click by MIKROE be enough…

  • LTC6811 WRITE to ADG728 Multiplexer via I2C

    What I want to achieve is very similar to this forum post with the difference that I use a ADG728 multiplexer (datasheet) in my setup. 

    The address of the multiplexer is 0x4C. Below is the sequence that I put together.

    ICOM0[3:0]--0x6(START) , D0[7:4]--0x9…

  • Same I2C bus but with more than four ADG728


    We are trying to expand our test setup from 8 channels to 12 channels, currently, we have four ADG728 to connect all 8 channels together for one of the tests. We are at four ADG728 and what would be the best way to expand our application to have 12…

  • Problems connecting reliably via i2c to ADG728


    I bought 6 samples of the ADG728 for switching microcontroller gpio's

    I need to use 4 on the same i2cbus addressed as in documentation.

    I soldered on bread board adapters properly and properly addressed them with a0,a1 connected to the gnd…

  • Multiple AD5933 using one ADG728


    I want to communicate "16" AD5933 to a single microcntroller.

    I need to know how to connect SDA and SCL for switching and another pair of SDA and SCL for the transfer of data to ADG728.

    Does it mean the microcontroller should have two…

  • ADG728 Analog MUX interference between channels


    i am struggling a problem on ADG728. I am trying to measure optical density over a photodiode array of 8 photodiodes(You can view the image i attached). My problem started with my realization of false readings over channels. When i connect the…

  • RE: Analog switch for AD7745

    Hi Nicolas,

    I am the application engineer on the ADG728.

    Let me know if you need any information on this switch or on the low Capacitance ADG12xx switches, which ever one you intend to use in your design.


  • RE: Multiplexer for AD7746


    The ADG728 is an I2C compatible Low voltage, 8:1 Mux.

    However if you just have two ADCs you might only need a 2:1 configuration such as the ADG779. With a 2:1 configuration it can be more efficient to use parallel control.