• RE: ADG726 cannot switch off when test 4-wire resistor

    Its been a while since we have heard from you so I assume you have solved this problem. If not feel free to contact us at any time.



  • ADG726 direction controlling and working

    In our design, we are using Dual 16 channel analog MUX ADG726BSUZ. Please give us some more information regarding the question posted below

    1. What is the use of signal /WR? Is it helpful in determining the data flow direction? That is, if the data…
  • Bidirectional Data Transfer in ADG726


    I am interested in using the ADG726 in a Bidirectional data transfer application which requires Demux interface.

    I understand that the ADG726 performs equally well as Mux or as DeMux. As a consequence I am inclined to believe that the analog…

  • ADG726 communication problem

    I have two ADG726 multiplexers, both on separate pcb boards, that I am using to prototype on a bread board.  I only need one multiplexer for my project.  I mention that I have two, only to say that I am experiencing the same issue with each multiplexer…

  • RE: How reliable are the multiplexers ADG706 and ADG726 in space?

    Hi Suresh,

    We are not aware of the ADG706 or ADG726 ever being used for a space level application.

    The ADG706 and ADG726 are fabricated on a 0.60um CMOS process. Based on radiation test data from other devices fabricated on the same 0.60um CMOS process…

  • Migrating from ADG1606 to ADG726

    Dear EngineerZone Experts-

    Thanks in advance for your help. My team is currently using two analog multiplexer ADG1606 chips to control 31 signal channels. The PCB power is +/-5v. Due to some new design specifications, we will now power the PCB with a…

  • RE: Demultiplexer Clarifications

    Hi Deepak,

    Our Analog Switches and Multiplexers are bidirectional, which means that they conduct equally well in both directions (drain and sources can be both input or output). In other words, you can use any of our Multiplexers as a Demultiplexer.

  • ADG 726 multiplexer control signal

    I am using ADG726 ,5 volt powered  in my application. We are facing issue related to  to the unintended coupling of the two banks. Kindly answer following in this regard.

    1. What is the basic difference between the functionality of the CS(CSA, CSB) and…

  • RE: Question about Muxing/Demuxing application of ADG 726, Exclusive of switching function

    Hi Haebi,

    The ADG726 has a signal bandwidth of 34MHz so a signal of 790MHz would not be able to pass through the switch. Also the ADG726 has a 16 to 1 decoder so only one channel can be selected to appear on DA at any given time. You would not be able…

  • ADG725 - input RC filter creates offset


    We're using ADG725 to multiplex 16 differential Wheatstone bridge inputs, before ADG726 input we placed differential RC low pass filter to reduce high frequency noise. Output from the multiplexer goes directly to high-resolution Sigma-Delta ADC converter…