• About the IBIS model of ADG726


    Is there an IBIS model for the ADG726?
    If you have any, I would appreciate it if you could share it.

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  • RE: ADG726/ADG732 Programming

    A decade later almost committed the same mistake with EN resulting in embarrassing jumpers

    I am glad that the latest datasheet is better but still some corrections need to be done at vantage points in the datasheet.

    The following screen shot explains…

  • ADG726 used in differential mode


     We are having troubles with MUX ADG726 that we use to multiplex pairs of signals. Wiring is this one :



     Regarding this extract of the truth table, we should have both SxxA to DA and SxxB to DB at the same time depending on A0 to A3. But we only…

  • ADG726 Crosstalk issue

    We are experiencing strange cross talk issue while using ADG726 for switching between different analog sensor to the ADC.

    The setup:

    - ADG726 operating in differential mode with 0-5V supply.

    - Multiple analog sensors are connected between the SxA (working…

  • ADG726 powered with 3.3voly but 5 volt input applied

    In my application by an error we powered the ADG726 with 3.3. volt but inputs applied were 5 volt through series resistor for few hours and at output of mux maximum signal level was 4 volt, which resulted in the wrong system behavior (subsequent FPGA…

  • RE: ADG726 spice model for simulation


    Is there any update on this topic?


  • ADG726 supply levels

    Hi, I am trying to switch out a bunch of signals so I used the ADG726.  Unfortunately, the signals need over 2.5V but also below 0V so I couldn't go with either the 0V to 5V nor the -2.5V to 2.5V recommendations in the datasheet.  In order to achieve…

  • Combining an AD5933 with an ADG726/ADG725


    Question concerning using an AD5933 impedance converter with an ADG726, 2x 1:16 multiplexers.

    Aside from buffering between the AD5933 and ADG726, similar to the buffering used in the evaluation board, what other steps should be taken to limit potential…

  • ADG1406BRUZ-REEL7 / ADG726


    i just wanted to ask if the ADG1406BRUZ-REEL7 and the ADG726 Multiplexers have been already failed the AEC-Q Standard test or if they haven#t been tested at all?

    if they haven't been tested at all, then it would be very helpful to know why th…

  • RE: Is ADG726 suitable for thermocouple multiplexing?


    In CN0354 the ADG1609 is operating using a +/-5V supply. The ADG726 cannot operate with these supplies, the maximum dual supply is can operate with +/- 2.5V.

    Maybe using multiple ADG1609 is an option?