• ADG726 used in differential mode


     We are having troubles with MUX ADG726 that we use to multiplex pairs of signals. Wiring is this one :



     Regarding this extract of the truth table, we should have both SxxA to DA and SxxB to DB at the same time depending on A0 to A3. But we only…

  • ADG726 Crosstalk issue

    We are experiencing strange cross talk issue while using ADG726 for switching between different analog sensor to the ADC.

    The setup:

    - ADG726 operating in differential mode with 0-5V supply.

    - Multiple analog sensors are connected between the SxA (working…

  • ADG1406BRUZ-REEL7 / ADG726


    i just wanted to ask if the ADG1406BRUZ-REEL7 and the ADG726 Multiplexers have been already failed the AEC-Q Standard test or if they haven#t been tested at all?

    if they haven't been tested at all, then it would be very helpful to know why th…

  • ADG726 supply levels

    Hi, I am trying to switch out a bunch of signals so I used the ADG726.  Unfortunately, the signals need over 2.5V but also below 0V so I couldn't go with either the 0V to 5V nor the -2.5V to 2.5V recommendations in the datasheet.  In order to achieve…

  • ADG726 communication problem

    I have two ADG726 multiplexers, both on separate pcb boards, that I am using to prototype on a bread board.  I only need one multiplexer for my project.  I mention that I have two, only to say that I am experiencing the same issue with each multiplexer…

  • Bidirectional Data Transfer in ADG726


    I am interested in using the ADG726 in a Bidirectional data transfer application which requires Demux interface.

    I understand that the ADG726 performs equally well as Mux or as DeMux. As a consequence I am inclined to believe that the analog…

  • ADG726/ADG732 Programming

    Regarding the /EN pin:

    Is it internally registred/latched by /WR as shown in Figure 1
    OR is it a level sensitive signal, and is active irrespective of /WR and /CS.

    I have multiple ADG732 in my project all connected by a common /EN signal and I am unable…

  • ADG726 direction controlling and working

    In our design, we are using Dual 16 channel analog MUX ADG726BSUZ. Please give us some more information regarding the question posted below

    1. What is the use of signal /WR? Is it helpful in determining the data flow direction? That is, if the data…
  • ADG726 spice model for simulation

    Kindly provide me the spice model for the ADG726, if not possible which is closest device spice model available to simulate the performance of the ADG726.

  • Migrating from ADG1606 to ADG726

    Dear EngineerZone Experts-

    Thanks in advance for your help. My team is currently using two analog multiplexer ADG1606 chips to control 31 signal channels. The PCB power is +/-5v. Due to some new design specifications, we will now power the PCB with a…