• ADG725 SPI Communication


    I am interfacing many ADG725 MUXes with FT232H chip using SPI. The CS pin from FT232 is sent to a decoder 74LVC138 to select the ADG725 slaves. 

    ADG725 only requires CLK, MOSI(DIN) for communication. That means MISO(Pin15) of FT232 is not used. 

    So the…

  • ADG725 usage


    I plan to use the ADG725 differential mux whose output feeds an low noise variable gain amplifier (PGA280 from TI). The 16 differential mux inputs will be loaded with unknown(yet to be measured) resistive loads ranging from 1 ohm to 10K with target…

  • ADG725 model


    I'm trying the simulate the analog effects of  the ADG725 multiplexer but i can;t seem to find a schematic model for this mux. My low end version of spice only accepts schematic symbols and not spice text files for simulation. Is it possible to…

  • ADG725 SPI

    I am trying to drive a ADG725 with a Microchip PIC (3.3 Volt) and I am having trouble getting the multiplexer to respond.  I have hooked up an o-scope to the SYNC, DIN, and SCLK lines and I can see the SYNC line go low, followed by 8 pulses on the clock…

  • ADG725/ADG731 programming


    I'm using several ADG731 and 725 in a design (at least 5 total). Right now the design is not finalized but I was wondering about programming the chip since table I and II are actually contradictory: the first line claims that the switch state…

  • ADG725 Enable

    The truth table in the data sheet shows an Enable pin that turns off all switches.  Yet there doesn't seem to be such a pin on the device.  I would like to be able to turn off all switches.

  • ADG725 SYNC Slave Select pin SPI


    I want to connect several SPI Slaves to the Master. The MASTER only has one Chip Select pin and i am looking for a decoder which can give several Slave Select Outputs.

    Any suggestions? The datasheet of ADG725 at Page 15 describes the similar situation…

  • ADG725 - input RC filter creates offset


    We're using ADG725 to multiplex 16 differential Wheatstone bridge inputs, before ADG726 input we placed differential RC low pass filter to reduce high frequency noise. Output from the multiplexer goes directly to high-resolution Sigma-Delta ADC converter…

  • ADG725/731 with higher supply voltages


    I like the density of the ADG725/726/731/732 muxes but the +5V power supply is a limitation for my application. Do you have a similar density parts but using higher supplies such as +/-10V or +/-15V?



  • Combining an AD5933 with an ADG726/ADG725


    Question concerning using an AD5933 impedance converter with an ADG726, 2x 1:16 multiplexers.

    Aside from buffering between the AD5933 and ADG726, similar to the buffering used in the evaluation board, what other steps should be taken to limit potential…