• ADG719 strange behaviour


    I am using the ADG719 switch. I have two inputs with a frequency of 125kHz. I am switching between the two using a logic signal of 250kHz. But when I look at the output of the switch I just see a pulse of one of the signals then about a gap of 12ms…

  • ADG719 using for RF link

    When I choose a proper Swith for 10MHz RF signal link swith ,is it right if i ues ADG719 in my application.

    the info of ADG719 :

    1.8 V to 5.5 V single supply
    4 Ω (max) on resistance
    0.75 Ω (typ) on resistance flatness
    −3 dB bandwidth…

  • Footprint of ADG719/704

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We will use the some devices. below,

    ADG719BRTZ (6ld SOT-23)

    ADG704BRMZ (10ld MSOP)

    Could you give me the PDF-data of footprints? .

    It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.

    Best Regards,


  • ADG719 power consumption at +85 deg. C??

    Hi there

    Datasheet of ADG719 (p. 4) does not give any indication regarding Idd at high temperatures (e.g. 85 deg C) or maximum rating over operating temperature range. Only value at room temperature is given. Could this be specified?

    Many thanks.

  • How to measure the leakage currents of ADG709,ADG719,ADG794


    When I measured the switch-off leakage current of the ADG709, I found that the value was incorrect. The test connection diagram is shown in the figure. Why is the leakage current of the test much larger than the standard maximum value of 20nA in the…

  • RE: Looking for model ADG774BRZ for Multisim 14

    Hi Victor,

    Unfortunately, there is no available SPICE model for the ADG774. However, you may try to use four ADG719 in your simulation as a replacement of one ADG774. See link below.

    ADG719 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

    The ADG719 has…

  • ADA4896-2 output saturating in unity gain


    I have a design that uses a ADA4896-2 in unity gain mode. I have a 5V and -2V supply. The amplifier drives a analog switch, ADG719. The amp works fine if I have the input voltage below about 4.3V. If I then increase it the output just saturates at…

  • ADG1219: Supply voltage

    We are interested in your ADG1219 Switch but we would like to know if it can
    work with 3-3,3V Vdd. It is possible to have N°2 samples for tests.


    These devices are not designed to operate at 3.3V. Although these devices can
  • 求大神解惑


  • Analog switch transient behaviour

    I am using an ADG719 analog switch (see circuit). I have a fixed voltage of 4.5V on an input and 0V on the other. I am switching between the inputs at 125kHz. If I look at the switch output I see some form of transient behavior (see image). It takes about…