• ADG714 off resistance

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I had a project to use ADG714 and needs your support. There is ADG714 schematic as blow: I expected that high resistance Giga ohm between SW1~S4 when sets as opened, Unfortunately the real results not as I expected. The datasheet showed…

  • ADG714 daisy chain ?

    Three ADG714 is connected in daisy chain.

    SPI is an 8-bit bus.

    I need to transfer 24 bits. How do I configure SPI?

    Currently I am sending 24 bits in three separate transactions. Chip select goes low (active low) before the start of first bit and stays…

  • ADG714 clocking

    hello all,

    can i use a clocking frequency in KHz rather than MHz because am intending to interface it's 3 spi interface using parallel port???

  • regarding adg714 switching

    while switching there is some problem with adg714 it is showing  4th  switch instead of 3rd switch like this we are facing problem.

  • Daisy Chaining Several ADG714's

    Hi all,

    I wanted to know how many ADG714's can I connect together (or any SPI switch for that matter)?

    At some point there should be a clock skew between them due to wire length etc', is there a rule of thumb for these kinds of things?


  • ADG714 switches operate in pairs

    I have connected the ADG714 to a printed circuit board and have somewhat successfully managed to program the controlling software such that I can switch the connections on and off.

    However, my pins are operating in adjacent pairs - that is, the 5th bit…

  • ADG714 problem. It don´t work

    In my circuit, i have the RESET pin of ADG714 no connect, and it don´t work. If i tied this pin to vss, it works. I don´t understand because the ADG714 have power on reset.

    The test in my prototipe board was with the ADG1414, it works with no connect…

  • how to slow down ADG714 switch timing


    I am using ADG714. One side of the switch is connected to an amplifier set at 1000X gain. When I close the switch, I see a spike at the output of the amplifier. I suspect that is because the switch is closed too fast and I need to slow down the switch…

  • Daisy chaining AD5271 and ADG714 possibility

    For SPI, Is it possible to daisy chain 8 x ADG714BRU potimeters together with
    ADG714. As the ADG714 is 8 bits and the AD5271 is 16 bit


    It appears possible, but one must exercises care e.g. such as
    below (please note: presented…
  • Daisy Chained ADG714 Does not Switch ON


    I have daisy chained 4 ADG714 chips as suggested in figure 8 of the datasheet. I use 10Kohm pull up resistors at each Dout. I want to switch on all of the channels at a given time so my Din is always high ({ 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF }). When I want…