• RE: ADG708 input impedance spec.

    Hi Kevin,

    Could you please help me provide the ADG708 OFF source terminal to GND impedance spec. Thank you.

  • ADG708 Internal Pulldowns

    Hi all,

    I have to use an old PCB for a new project and in this PCB many ADG708 are used as demultiplexers, i.e. the D-Pin is used as an input and the S1 to S8 as outputs. My first problem was that the outputs Sx were LOW when not selected. I need a HIGH…

  • ADG708: Multiplexing 3V3 logic signals

    Can I use the ADG708 to multiplex 3V3 logic signals? The specification suggests
    the logic levels are OK as long as I power the ADG708 using a 3V3 supply. Is
    there anything else I should be considering re. this? (The logic speed is
  • need pspice model for ADG708


         can anyone offer a pspice model for ADG708?



  • ADG708- How to stop Interference between channels?

    My customer has a problem when selecting one channel
    and running current in the other it effects the selected one.

    Please advise how to solve it.

  • RE: ADG708BRUZ

    Hi Kazu,

    As mentioned, we cannot guarantee the parametric performance of the ADG708 or ADG608 as these were not tested with +/- 3.3V supply rails. Ton could go longer.

    I think ton would be shorter with the ADG708. Just to remind you of the Absolute Maximum…

  • ADL5304 Response Time

    Hi All,


    One of my customer is evaluating his prototype board which has ADG708 and ADL5304 Log Converter.

    His schematic diagram is attached.

    He has one issue with the ADL5304 for determining scan rate of photo diode sensors by ADG708.

    He made test…

  • RE: Input protection for ADG708BRUZ

    Hi Mjn,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Based from my understanding of the statement above, you want to use the ADG708 with Vdd = 6V and the inputs (S1 to S8) will come from a TVS with 5.7V breakdown voltage and clamps at 10V. And in between TVS and ADG708…

  • RE: Is ADG 732 suitable for fast analogue signals?


    The ADG708 is a 8:1 Mux with a -3dB bandwidth of 55 MHz.

    For our full list of configurations see our online selection guide here.

    Depending on your supply range and application you could also look at the ADG1206. a 16:1 mux with a BW of 185 MHz…

  • RE: Using ADG707 diffpair channels for single ended signals

    Hi Dave,

    The ADG707 is a Differential 8 to 1 Multiplexer.

    If you terminate the 8B channels(S1B to S8B), then the ADG707 will be configured as a differential 4-to-1 multiplexer. Therefore you will have 8 input channels to one output, but if you look at…