• adg704


    Nella  mia applicazione (medicale) invio 16 impulsi bipolari attraverso il ponte H agli elettrodi (50us positivo 50us negativo), agendo su adg704 e il dac 

    Il circuito è ottimizzato con un carico sugli elettodi di 1Kohm quindi correnti da + e …

  • Temperature and humidity of ADG704

    Hi team,

    I use ADG704 to switch low voltage, the voltage  on the channel is 0~3.3V, the power supply is 3.3V,The operating temperature -10~70°C, I put the PCBA into the chamber and test it, occasionally abnormal phenomenon with increasing temperature ,…

  • RE: Can I have a 4:1 Mux, at DC, frequency of operation


    The ADG704 is a low Ron SP4T that might be a good fit for you.  Note this is a low power part.



  • RE: ADL5380 ADJ Pin Resistor Issue.

    Yes, you can use a CMOS switch such as the ADG704 to switch in different bias resistors.

  • RE: ADG904 (2)

    Hi Freddy,

    Sorry for any confusion.  My concern here is with the shunt terminations internal to the ADG904 part (see figure 1 in the datasheet). If I understand your application correctly they will effect your signal when they are turned on.  You should…

  • RE: ADG704 not work for photo diode switching

    Regarding the photo-diodes is a current source and than at the multiplexer the current flows from drain (D) to sources (S1, S2, S3 or S4), you need to have differential power supply at the multiplexer ADG704. ADG704 is only single supply operation, so…

  • ADG704 : Issues with switching in long run

    Hi all,

    In one of our designs we are measuring the RTD temperature using similar design architecture as that of CN-0287.

    We have used ADG704 in place of ADG738 since we had only GPIOs to control the switch. (ADG738 requires 3 wire serial interface…

  • Clarification on ADG704 maximum reflow temperature


    I understood that there are 2 ordering parts ADG704BRM & ADG704BRMZ having different peak reflow temperature showing 240degC and 260degC respectively possibly due to Pb composition in the assembly package. I am confused when I read on page 4 of datasheet…

  • MCU control AD9513


    I need to control the divider OUT1 of AD9513 by means MCU,

    is it possible realize by means ADG704, as shown in the scheme?

    how best to implement can be controlled by using fewer components (to save pcb space)?

  • is it a good idea to use analog multiplexer like ADG704 for multi channel ECG signal?

    hello, i am working on to develop wireless ECG monitor.  it requires at least 3 and max 10 channels of ECG signals. we choose ad8232 amplifier for signal conditioning and adg704 for multi channel multiplexing. is it a good idea to use multiplexing for…