• ADG701: Noise

    I should know for my applications the Noise of the ADG701


    When the switch is on, it's noise is simply the value of the on-resistance of
    the switch.

  • ADG701 Leakage Current


    We're considering using the ADG701 in an application that requires a very low leakage current (switching a very small current source to ground). 

    The datasheet specifies 10pA typical at 25 degrees celsius, but no figure is quoted for the operational…

  • searching better leakage current than ADG701


    I am searching for a replacement for the ADG701.
    There are two relevant points:

    1.) Better or equal leakage current.

    2.) More than one switch in the package.

    It will be used switching gain resistors in a photodiode TIA. See the picture!

    I need…

  • ADG701 Off state resistance approx 10K?


    I have been using in my application one ADG701 switch for the following circuit: I need from time to time to pull a 2MOhm resistor to the 5V rail (it acts as a pull up resistor to detect an open thermocouple). In normal operation the 2Mohm resistor…

  • ADG701/702 710L/702L as low current road switch

    Hi All,

    One of my customer wants low Iq road switch.

    The Iq of ADP198 is 2.5uA typ/ 20uA max and is too large for his application.

    The road current for his application is 10mA or less.

    His supply voltage is 5.5V.

    Then I will propose ADG701/702 or…

  • RE: AD5446 Daisy Chain help


    your data transfer seems fine. Now normally this should be working as expected with the first 16bits of data clocking out of the SDO. Looking at the eval board schematics, the SDO's are connected to some switch mux, ADG701/2 powered by a 3.3V supply…

  • RE: ADG608 Bandwidth

    Hi Davide,

    The -3dB bandwidth for all our switches is given in the dynamic characteristics section of the data sheet.

    For example the ADG701 is a single SPST switch that operates of a single 5 V supply, the bandwidth for this is given as 200MHz.


  • Can an analog signal input of 50 MHZ be used for ADG 701/ ADG 702?

    Locate the IC that can switch analogue signal flow. Is ADG701/ ADG702 suitable?

  • RE: DC switch chip exists in Analog Device?


    Ton/Toff timing in our switches are not design specifically with clock generation in mind. The Ton and Toff timing in any switch are never identical which will affect the clock period. Also Ton/Toff change over temperature which would cause additional…