• RE: The spice model for Multiplexer ADG608 and ADG658  have problem in PSPICE.Not compatible?

    Hi elbridge,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We shall update the ADG609 model. We'll get back to you once the new model has been created and ready for use.



  • Voltage measurement issue from ADG658

    Hi Team,

    I am using two Multiplexer having part number ADG658 (8:1 MUX) and ADG732BSU (32:1 MUX).  Power supply for both MUX i am providing 2.8V and we have to measure some voltage which is higher than 2.8V so using voltage divider to bring to keep input…

  • ADG658 Disable Function

    Hi All,

    Disable function seems not to work correctly. Please check the attached waveforms. In spite of  disable condition (/EN=H), the input pulse to S5 pin comes out from D pin. What do you think the cause of this case?

    According to the other waveform…

  • RE: ADG5206 minimum voltage requirements

    Hi M. Singh,

    For 16:1 and 8:1 muxes with voltages lower than 5 V, the muxes with the lowest charge injection you will find are the ADG658 or ADG608. Unfortunately, there is no plot for charge injection at +/-3.3 V in their datasheet.

    Yours sincerely,

  • RE: 使用LTspice仿真出现unknown circuit node问题

    Hello huaxia,

    Why have you changed the first line in the subcircuit ADG658.cir?
    Your change of this line is the reason why we get the error message about a missing node.
    Please change it back to the original content.  See below.
    Your wrong line:
    .SUBCKT ADG658…

  • Inquiries about the ADG609 spice model

    Hi all,


    I have a question about the spice model of ADG609.


    I downloaded the ADG609 SPICE model from the web site and imported it into LTSpice and started the simulation.

    I got an error "u1:9:rbbbm:Resistance must not be zero".


    There was a…

  • ADG706: +/- 5V supplies

    My question is the following: is it possible the ADG706 to supply with +/-5Volt


    No it is not.
    Dual 2.5 volts supplies are the highest that ensure the IC meets all its
    At +/- 3.5 volts or more you will exceed…
  • RE: ADG708BRUZ

    Hi Kazu,

    For your case, with +/-3.3V supply range with less than 50ns Ton, the possible parts to use are the ADG658 and ADG608. Unfortunately, the only parametric data we can provide for a +/-3.3V power supply operation is the on resistance plot seen on…

  • RE: need pspice model for ADG708

    Hi SUN,

    Sorry for the late response. There are no available spice model for ADG708 yet.

    However, you may use the ADG658 spice model. It is also an 8-1 mux, has 45 ohms On Resistance, dual supply with Vdd of +5V and Vss of -5V, BBM of 50ns, and charge…

  • RE: ADG608 or similar for +- 3.3V dual supply ?

    hello any help please . why are the ADG658 or ADG1608 better than ADG608 ??