• ADG608 Bandwidth

    I have a simple question:

    What is the bandwidth of the single switch in the ON state with + +5 V power supply and a 390 ohm load?

    Or does anyone know if the bandwidth is above 5 MHz, at least?

    Thank you
  • RE: ADG608 or similar for +- 3.3V dual supply ?

    hello any help please . why are the ADG658 or ADG1608 better than ADG608 ??

  • The spice model for Multiplexer ADG608 and ADG658  have problem in PSPICE.Not compatible?

    Spice model for Multiplexer ADG608 and ADG658 have problem in pspice simulation.(Orcad pspice 16.6 ),

    I have  convert *.cir to *.lib and *.olb. It cannot get the right result.
    The simulation even aborted for ADG608 (ERROR(ORPSIM-16144): Value…

  • RE: ADG608/609 current source application and bandwidth

    I don't believe the ADG608 will have enough bandwidth for your application.  You may want to look at the ADG1408 instead.  -3dB bandwidth of the 1408 is specified at 60MHz.



  • RE: High frequency square wave as MUX address signal couses problem

    I don't think charge injection by the mux is the cause of your switching noise as 6pC into your 100nF caps would only generate 60uV. However the ADG608, like most AMUX is a brake before make multiplexer, So during the transition from one to the next channel…

  • RE: ADG708BRUZ

    Hi Kazu,

    As mentioned, we cannot guarantee the parametric performance of the ADG708 or ADG608 as these were not tested with +/- 3.3V supply rails. Ton could go longer.

    I think ton would be shorter with the ADG708. Just to remind you of the Absolute Maximum…

  • RE: need pspice model for ADG708

    Hi May,

           Thanks for the reply. I have bought and tested some ADG608,ADG708 and ADG658. turns out that for the applicaiton scenario of switching between ch1 and ch2 at 3.2MHz, when CH1 is a 300KHz sine wave and CH2 is DC 2.5V, they all result in a dynamic…

  • RE: AD7794 烧坏问题


  • ADG706: +/- 5V supplies

    My question is the following: is it possible the ADG706 to supply with +/-5Volt


    No it is not.
    Dual 2.5 volts supplies are the highest that ensure the IC meets all its
    At +/- 3.5 volts or more you will exceed…
  • RE: ADG706 spice model

    Hi Tarzan,

    Here is a list of SPICE models that we currently have available for higher throw count switches in our catalogue.  Maybe there is something here you can use.

    ADG406 | datasheet and product info LC2MOS ± 15V 16 Channel High Performance Analog…