• Analog Switch ADG5434


    I am using ADG5434 in closed loop feedback applications but my switch is working as desired. Please refer the below circuit which depict how i have use the switch.


  • ADG5434 Power Supply


    I have following doubts regarding ADG5434. Could you clarify on those?.

    1. Could you share the Maximum Pulse current which can be injected into the Dx/Sx pin over period of 100us? The datasheet provides value for the same over period of 1ms.

    2. What…

  • ADG5434 Exposed pad


    If Exposed pad is connected to GND when using dual power supply.

    Could you explain that how it is effecting to circuit functionality / performance ?

    Thank you !

  • With regards to ADG5434 & ADG1434  EPAD

    Hi , 

    Could you please let me know if  ADG5434 & ADG1434  EPAD is connected to  VSS  internally .

    We see that it seems not to be connected internally .

    ADG1434: Exposed Pad. The exposed pad is tied to the substrate, VSS . 

    ADG5434:The exposed pad is connected…

  • ADG5434 analogue switch, unused inputs, floating.

    Hi, is it safe to leave unsed inputs, floating, at least untill the cable is plugged in which drives them, or should they have pull down resistors.

    Regards, Jonathan

  • pspice model for ADG5412/ADG5413 or ADG5433/ADG5434?


         Is there pspice model for ADG5412/ADG5413 or ADG5433/ADG5434? I am designing a project and need a switch that can drive output voltage as large as 30V. I want to use these switches to do a simulation first.

    Thank you !

    Best wishes

    Jacky 2012…

  • RE: ADG1434 power supply


    You should have a look at the ADG5434. The ADG5434 is pin for pin compatible with the ADG1434 but comes with a much wider supply range. It can operate with a single supply  from 9 V up to 40 V.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


  • offset voltage problem with analog switch ADG333A, pin-compatible substitute?


    I've got offset voltages of 0,2V with a device containing ADG333ABNZ. Do the pin compatible newer versions like ADG1434 or ADG5434 correct this?

    Best regards,

    Simon Brem

  • RE: Choosing a CMOS Switch (ADG1434)


    My signals come from strain gauges and have a differential voltage output (some mV) around a common mode voltage of 4V.

    Theses signlas may be short-cicuited to Ubat.

    ADG5434 seems to correspond perfectly to my need.


  • RE: ADG1434 ESD part recommendation

    Hi Jeff,

    The ADG1434 has a 2kV HBM ESD rating.

    Are you using the TSSOP or LFCSP package, is pin 1 IN1 or Drain?  Where did you apply the 8kV pulse and where have you the ESD protection?  Are you testing sytem to IEC61000-4-2 standard?  Yes, you will need…