• RE: ADG5419 with Enable in MSOP package?

    Hi Gerd,

    Unfortunately we do not have a SPDT device in a MSOP package with an enable pin. 

    As you have said, this is to maintain compatibility with legacy devices.

    At the moment there are no plans to release an MSOP version with an enable pin but your…

  • RE: ADG5419 and AD9106


    Are you planning to connect ADG5419 at the output channels of AD9106?
    If yes, then please add the series resistance of ADG5419 in matching the impedance at the primary side and secondary side of the RF transformer connected to AD9106 outputs.
    For example…

  • RE: ADG5419 NC pin


    Pin 5 in the ADG5419 is not internally connected so 5V could be presented to pin 5 of the ADG5419.



  • PSPICE file for ADG5419

    I am looking for a PSPICE model of ADG5419. Is there a comparable part that can be used instead?

  • Amplification and acquisition of ADG5419 output signal

    I used ADG5419 to output a very weak ultrasonic echo signal, which cannot be observed with an oscilloscope. Is there any corresponding solution to amplify the signal? If it can be directly amplified, it will be better to process the imaging.Is there any…

  • ADG5419 analog single pole double throw switch

    I bought ADG5419 and EVAL-8MSOP, and want to simulate a single-pole double-throw switch based on the received voltage. I have downloaded two user manuals. Since I am not a hardware student, many of the contents in the manual cannot be understood. Can…

  • 超声成像


  • RE: ADG1408 and ADG1419 are based on same tecnolgy?

    HI Lorenzo,

    Yes the ADG1408 and the ADG1419 are based on the same technology.

     The ADG5419 has an internal VL generator that is used to power the input buffer at a lower voltage so you can use a lower digital logic voltage without significantly impacting…

  • These parts are good, but I need lower on resistance at �15V. Do you have any compatible parts?

    These parts are good, but I need lower on resistance at ±15V. Do you have any
    compatible parts?


    Please consider the ADG14xx family of parts, which are pin-to-pin compatible
    with the ADG54xx family: The ADG1419 is specified as a 2Ω switch…
  • RE: ADG419: High Current Draw on VDD while floating VSS

    Hi Kenny,

    It is possible that you are triggering a latch-up event. You could try to prevent this by putting a schottky diode from Vss to Ground to prevent Vss going 0.7v above Ground. Alternatively you could look at the ADG5419 Latch up immune version…