• ADG5412F Alternate Part

    Out of stock until next year.  Is there an alternate part from ADI or others you recommend?


  • About ADG5412F


    I'm would like to adapt the ADG5412F to my 8 input analog board which is hooked up to 

    10k thermistor through 3 feet wire each of those.

    The running environment will be an AC package unit. Lot of EMI comes from Compressor

    Fan motors and contactors…

  • ADG5412 series differences


    I am using ADG5412F on my project, but, due to the shortage, I must change it with something else.

    I see there are many ADG5412 products: ADG5412, 5412F, 5412F-EP, 5412W. But I cannot find an easy way to compare them all in order to know which of them…

  • RE: TVS diodes to ADG4613 analog inputs

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Yes you can install TVS Diodes on the analog inputs of the ADG4613, However if it is necessary or not depends on your requirements.

    We have a lot of information on adding TVS diodes to the ADG5412F switch in the following article, there might…

  • RE: Inquiry on Power-Off Protection function of ADG5436F


    No you should not require the ADG5412F & the ADG5436F. If you use the ADG5412F you could externally wire the together the S1 & S2 pins to create a 2:1 de mux.

    I hope this helps



  • RE: Question ADG451BRZ


    The ADG451 IN pins have internal esd protection diodes. it is likely that you have violated the max ratings of the ADG451.

    The digital inputs must be kept with in 2 volts of the supply.

    To prevent this you could consider our overvoltage protection…

  • RE: ADG5434 Power Supply

    Hi Veerasamy,

    If lightning transients are a concern in your system I would suggest having a look at the below app note.


    This app note describes system IEC ESD testing…

  • RE: ADG5421 enabling

    Hi Nidhi,

    Have you considered our Fault Protection Switches, like the ADG5412F. These devices can stand off voltages up to +/-55 V in the powered and powered off condition.



  • RE: ADG5412 - Digital control voltage on (3.3V) present wihout power-supply

    Hi Davide, 

    For the ADG5412 the max ratings state that the digital logic inputs must be kept within 0.3 V of the supplies.

    However for the ADG5412F, the digital inputs can go as high as +48 V.