• RE: ADG5412 series differences

    Hi Stefano,

    If you require the fault protection of the ADG5412F, I would suggest the next best alternative is the ADG5412BF. The BF version has fault protection on both the S and D sides of the switch.

    If fault protection is not critical for your application…

  • adg5412 issue


    I am using switches adg5412 and 5408 and I have some issues with each one.

    When powered on and the EN pin set to enabled = 0, I measure an impedance between the input and output which is not infinite, and which depends on the frequency of the signal…

  • ADG5412 Supply Voltage

    Can the ADG5412 be used with +/-5V supply rails?

    The datasheet states +/-9V to +/-22V supply range. The device appears to function correctly but I am required to show proof of compliance with manufacturers datasheet for the application.

  • ADG5412 NC 12PIN issue

    We have a customer when use ADG5412 design wrong, they connect PIN12 NC to 5Vcc, this made PIN12 damage occasionally. now ADG5412 is MP, they need to know PIN12 NC  internal block,if PIN12 is open or have other electrical connection for function testing…

  • offset voltage of ADG5412


       I use four ADG5412 in my design, but two of them do not work correctly. When the channel is on, the ADG5412 work OK, but when the channel is in off state, the output of the channel has a offset voltage. One of the breaken ADG5412 has a offset voltage…

  • a error with ADG5412


        I use ADG5412 in my design, and I provide supply power with +/-18V(pin13 and pin4).

        But two of the four ADG5412 I used can not work correctly. When I provide the logic control pin with a high logic, the corresponding channel do not conduct signal…

  • ADG5412 unused switch termination

    I am currently using the ADG5412, but only using 2/4 of the available switches.  The other 2 have their digital inputs tied to ground through a 1k resistor (switch is therefore open), with both the S and D on the respective inputs open.  Is there a better…

  • pspice model for ADG5412/ADG5413 or ADG5433/ADG5434?


         Is there pspice model for ADG5412/ADG5413 or ADG5433/ADG5434? I am designing a project and need a switch that can drive output voltage as large as 30V. I want to use these switches to do a simulation first.

    Thank you !

    Best wishes

    Jacky 2012…

  • RE: ADG5412 - Digital control voltage on (3.3V) present wihout power-supply

    Hi Davide, 

    For the ADG5412 the max ratings state that the digital logic inputs must be kept within 0.3 V of the supplies.

    However for the ADG5412F, the digital inputs can go as high as +48 V.



  • ADG 5412 switch resistance when part not powered

    I note there appears to be no statement in the datasheet for the ADG5412 stating what the switch resistance is when the part is not powered.  Some parts do explicitly state that this is high resistance when the part is not powered, does anyone know the…