• ADG5404 EN pin

    Hello In our project we have not tied our EN pin to the ground nor to VCC but its controlling action is taken by the Controller 

    And we have observed that our EN pin is at low voltage.

    And A0 and A1 signals are also at low voltage and we are getting output…

  • RE: ADG5404 EN, S1-S4


    1. The EN pin can be tied to VDD no matter the value of VDD.

    2. The signal on S1 - S4 should be between VDD and VSS.



  • ADG5404, ADG1406, ADG442: case temperature:

    Pls advise the case temperature of below ADI devices:


    For the switch/multiplexer parts the max case temperature can be calculated as
    Tc = Tj - Pd x Thetajc

    Tj = maximum jn…
  • ADG5404 Current


       I am using ADG5404F as Multiplexer, but encounters several questions. 

      1) In my application, 100~200mA continuous current is needed, is ADG5404F ok?

      2) I check the datasheet, it mentions continuous current up to 280mA(Table 5), but in ABSOLUTE…

  • ADG5404 cross talk?


    ive some problem with my designed multiplexer card, i attach the schematic, see adg5404.jpg.

    the address is set to 0:

    if i switch +24V on out_1 and measure the results on out_mplex_1 and out_mplex_2,

    now i get some heavy spark on the out_mplex_2…

  • ADG5404 input level a0,a1, enable and clamp diodes


    i ve some questions about the ADG5404.

    we want to use the ic with single supply +24V and GND

    1) Vss should connected to gnd right?

    2) Is +24V at the A0, A1 and enable pins allowed?

    3) the internal clamp diodes although on the pins a0,a1 and…

  • AD5404 supply operation

    It is a question about ADG5404.
    The data sheet is labeled "± 9 V to ± 22 V dual - supply operation".
      For example, when VDD = + 28V, VSS = -12V, will it operate correctly?
    Is it OK if VDD to VSS is within 44V?

    Best regards

  • Do you specify switch Off Resistance?

    Do you specify switch Off Resistance?


    No, but the Off Resistance across a switch can be calculated using the off
    leakage specifications given in the datasheet. For example: Using the +12V data
    for off leakage at 85°C of the ADG5401;…
  • What is the minimum voltage that can be used with these parts?

    What is the minimum voltage that can be used with these parts?


    VDD = 9V is the minimum supply voltage to guarantee the digital input voltages
    are 3V compatible across all voltage and temperature ranges. The supply voltage
    can be lowered…
  • What are suitable applications for these parts?

    What are suitable applications for these parts?


    This family of parts has been optimized to provide a low resistance channel
    between the Source and Drain pins, with minimal difference between the maximum
    and minimum resistance value…