• ADG508F ESD rating

    I use an ADG508F.

    Q1)How much ESD can the ADG508F(Analog input from S1 to S8) take?

    (It is not written in the datasheet.)

    Q2)Can you provide the  internal ESD diode architectures?

    (Diode Stacks or Back to Back Diodes ?)

    already seeing below Analog…

  • ADG508F Operating supply voltage

    Dear all,

    The trouble occurred in our product using ADG508F.

    It is Open between input and output in low temperature. (About -10 degrees C) 

    *I am still seeing the phenomenon only by one individual.

    *We are applying +4.5V,-4.5V to Vdd,Vss.

    Q1) Possibly…

  • "E" model scrypt style of spice file for ADG508F


    I got a question from customer about ADG508F spice file that is attached on this topic.

    About Line 133 and 134 in ADG508F.cir as below scripts:

    E_1_E     611 0  VALUE = {(10*V(8,0))/(V(13,14)+0.15)}

    E_1_F     612 0   VALUE = {(10*V(8,0))/(V(3,14)+0…

  • Theta JA(Junction to Ambient Temperature) and Theta JC (Junction to case Temperature)

    Theta JA and Theta JC are not mentioned  which is very much needed for my
    Project Please Help me


    ADG508F------------16 Pin SOIC this is the package they are using.Theta JA =
    Theta JC = 29.3
    Data is for a 4 layer board.
  • RE: MUX damage, o/p short to +Ve supply

    Hi Jatin,

    The ADG508A or ADG1408 switch inputs cannot exceed the power supply rails so there is a risk of damage if the input voltage is higher than expected or if the power supply turns off while switch inputs are still present. The abs max ratings…

  • RE: what's the status of ADG849 when power off?


    The condition that will be present at the output of the ADG849 cannot be guaranteed by us if there is no power supply present.

    We do have some switches that can handle the situation where there is no power such as the ADG508F and the ADG465/67 but…

  • RE: Internal resister for ADG465

    Hello Kaos,

    1) The internal structure of the ADG465 is similar to that of the ADG508F and ADG509F. It is described in the datasheet on pages 5 and 6.

    2) The on resistance of the device is a function of both the input signal and supply voltage. Please…

  • ADG508 ADG509_digital control voltage range

    If the ADG509F works with +/-20V power supply, is it OK to use 20V logic input
    for the EN and A1,A2,A3?


    The ADG508F will work with +/-20V supplies and under these conditions the
    digital inputs can go between 0V and 20V. While we know…
  • RE: ADG1434 Powered Down Properties

    Hi Wildman,

    The state of the ADG1434 switch will be unknown if there is no power present.  This is the case with most standard CMOS switches.

    The ADG1434 can be damaged if signals are present on Sx or digital pins without power.  Please refer to the datasheet…

  • RE: ADG706 spice model

    Hi Tarzan,

    Here is a list of SPICE models that we currently have available for higher throw count switches in our catalogue.  Maybe there is something here you can use.

    ADG406 | datasheet and product info LC2MOS ± 15V 16 Channel High Performance Analog…