• ADG467: Fault free input range

    I want to use ADG467 as channels protector.
    In ADG467 datasheet page 1, is specified a normal operation from (Vss + 2) <
    Vin < (Vdd - 1.5) range but in page 2 is specified a range from (Vss + 1.2) to
    (Vdd - 0.8).

    A- Vin is campled when…

  • ADG467 Bandwidth


    I'm wondering about the ADG467 -3dB bandwidth. There is a Insertion Loss graph in the datasheet with a flat region at lower frequencies alright.
    But the flat value indicates -3dB! Does this really mean that even at low frequencies only 70%…

  • ltspice model for adg467


    Searching for the above yielded nothing... Does it exist or how can one cook up one?

    Best regards


  • ADG467 - what is the minimal bipolar supply voltage ?


    We aim to protect the ADC inputs using an ADG467. We currently are using +/-3.6V to supply it, targetting to clip the input signals to +/-2.1V.

    Initial tests look OK, but I'd like to have a cross-checking from you.

    Thanks in advance

  • ADG467- ON Resistanc=60 Ohm?

    ADG seem interesting for my application but I wonder regarding the 60 Ohms resistance while at ON state...is it really 60 ohm series resistance while it is on? Does it fits to fast communication lines?




  • ADG467 Channel Protector


    What is the ESD rating of the ADG467? Human Body Model will work, but I would prefer IEC 61000-4-2 level if you have it.



  • ADG467 as protection for ADC input (output clamping voltage accuracy)


    I use an ADG467 to protect input ADC channel (ADS1247). I need to read low current ~30uA with an accurate ADS1247 ADC through shunt resistance. It is important that the leackage current is very low to don't impact the accuracy. That the reason…

  • RE: Need a High Voltage Level Translator

    Have a look at the ADG467 octal line protector. If you run its +V supply pin at +4V and the -V supply pin at about -1V, you can translate input signals up to about +/- 40V down to 3.3V CMOS logic levels. The ADG467 consumes only microamp leakage currents…

  • ADG734: Usage without supplies

    I've a short question concerning the analog switch ADG734 (SPDT) :

    This analog switch should be a replacement for a relay.
    Therefore I'd like to know what happens when the supply voltage of the ADG 734
    is cut off. Does it act like a relay…