• Question for your ADG4612

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for your ADG4612.

    As for your ratings "Theory od operation",
    When 1V<Vdd<2.7V, INx<0.8V, Vs=<Vdd ,and Vd=<Vdd, ADG4612 become "isolation mode", correct?

    I can confirm that
    Normal mode;Vdd…

  • ADG4612

    I am having a problem with an analog switch that we get from MAXIM.  I would like to replace it with an ADG4612 or ADG1611 it will

    run from +6V to GND the signal inputs are less than 5V in a DC circuit.  I have attached the circuit for reference.  Any suggestions…

  • Single SPST analog switch with power off protection


    I search an analog switch with the following characteristic :

    - single SPST - NO (like ADG1402)

    - dual supply +/-5V - +/-15V or single supply +5V - +15V

    - analog input +/-3V

    - power off protection (like ADG4612)

    - SMT Package

    Is the a component…

  • ADG5421 insolation behavior at Vdd=0V


    We want to achieve the goal, to switch of the both datalines: positive and negative of an RS485 bus when the supply voltages was turned off. Therefore we have choosen the ADG5421 connected to the power supply which was turned off. We have encountered…

  • I need a 4 channel switch that provides power down isolation

    Besides from ADG4612. Can you suggest any alternatives? It needs to support 3.3V single supply.

  • RE: Impedance of an Un-energized SPST

    Hi May,

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    I will look into it, just that my concern is for my case of using single 5V supply, the Ron of ADG4612 is quite high with a worst case of 17ohm.



  • RE: ADG901  Switch condition under power off (Vcc=0V)

    Further to this.  I have attached an application note about the ADG4612 part.  This app note also shows what happens to our regular analog switches if you apply a signal with no supply voltage present (see Figure 2).



  • RE: About an ADG884 power supply off state

    Hello Yuji,

    The state of the switch with no power supplied is not gaurantteed.  In addition if a signal is applied to the unpowered switch it can turn the switch on and forward bias the ESD diodes.  To avoid these risks I would recommend to use the ADG4612…

  • Alternate IC for ADG1434 with power off protection

    Hi all,

    We are using Quad SPDT switch ADG1434, in one of our designs.

    In our design, the input lines may be driven even when the power is off.

    Below disucssion suggests that ADG1434 is not suitable for such applications.

    ADG1434 Backfeed to Vdd when…

  • RE: ADG1612 for Lithium Battery Management

    Hi Ken,

    ok, this limits us.  The only other part would be the ADG4612 but again the Ron would be above 1ohm and it is default NO with no power supplies. But it can power up off a single +5V supply.  Unfortunately we don't have any NC parts available.…