• ADG4612

    I am having a problem with an analog switch that we get from MAXIM.  I would like to replace it with an ADG4612 or ADG1611 it will

    run from +6V to GND the signal inputs are less than 5V in a DC circuit.  I have attached the circuit for reference.  Any suggestions…

  • ADG4612

    I'd like to get a better understanding of the noise and distortion properties of the ADG4612 part.  This is a 4:1 analog MUX rated at a bandwidth of 193 MHz, but the data sheet treats it as an audio part, with the THD+N characterized with an AP audio…

  • ADG4612 Failure mechanism

    I am interested to know what happens when an ADG4612 fails. Does it fail short, open, shorts to ground, etc..?

    I would like to connect the drains of two switches (two different packages) to the same net and only power one devices at a time. The power…

  • Regarding ADG4612



    I went through your catalog we find some of them are suitable for our application. I have few questions regarding switches.


    1) allow analog signals from -5V to 12V

    2) allow current in both the directions (-20mA to 20mA…

  • ADG4612 output problem

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am using the ADG4612 switch in my design. I connect Vdd to 3.3v and Vss to 0v

    However I am getting false outputs in those two cases:

    - when enable is off and Vin > Vdd+Vt I get an output equal to Vin/2 while i should get nothing…

  • Question for your ADG4612

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for your ADG4612.

    As for your ratings "Theory od operation",
    When 1V<Vdd<2.7V, INx<0.8V, Vs=<Vdd ,and Vd=<Vdd, ADG4612 become "isolation mode", correct?

    I can confirm that
    Normal mode;Vdd…

  • the question about the ADG4612


    my research needs ADG4612,but I meet some questions. Could you give me some advice?


    I want to know the function of the C13 ,C14,C15,C16,C17,C18,C19,C20 and R6--R10 in the schematic of Evaluation board of ADG4612.And how should I choose them? the…

  • ADG4612输入范围




  • Does ADG4612 have latch-up immune feature ?


    I have a question about ADG4612.

    In the selection table of below URL, ADG4612 has latch-up immune feature.


    But in the datasheet(Rev.9) , it is not described…

  • ADG4612 isolation mode to normal mode conditon


    I have questions about ADG4612.

    I experimented in the order of 1, 2.

    1 VDD Power off and input signal to VS(5V TTL 10 MHz).

    2 And then. VDD supplied 5V ,VSS was GND and VS continued input signal.

    In 2 of the conditions, AD4612 was supposed…