• ADG453: Power Up Sequence

    Why some microcircuits ADG452 and ADG453, at submission supply voltage Vdd = +
    15 V, Vss =-15 V, VL = + 5 V start to be heated up strongly, the current of
    consumption up to several tens ma increases, at changeover by other copies of
    the same microcircuits…

  • ADG453: Perfomance from +/- 15 V power supply

    I am considering the ADG453BR for a new design because of its low on
    resistance. The objective is to use 2 SPST channels to make a DPST switch (by
    connecting the outputs).  The signal inputs are TTL compatible and the signal
    outputs are sent to…

  • Power Supply sequencing requirements for ADG451, ADG452, ADG453

    What are the Power Supply sequencing requirements for ADG452?


    You should not power up VL before VDD or you will be exceeding the
    absolute max ratings for the part (VL to GND  = −0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V) and will
    result in part failure, if this…

  • Question about top silk of ADG453


    My customer uses ADG453BRZ-REEL7, but they can confirm 2 type of top silk on ADG453.

    One is ADG453BRZ and others are ADGBR on Top.

    But as on the reel, boths are ADG453BRZ devices.

    Q1) Would you confirm contents in pictures on top of device…

  • Question about issue of ADG453 related power supply condition


    My customer uses ADG453 supplying +12V (DP12V) at VDD and -12V (DN12V) at Vss like below schematic.

    And when -12V trip out, L2 is damaged and ADG453 become hot.

    At this time, current of L2 is 1.25A.  (At normal operation, current of L2 is 0.08A…

  • ADG451/ADG453 Operating Question

    Dear All:

    ADG451/ADG453(IN1~IN4) how can control  is very energy efficient?ADG451 datasheet Rev.C Page4 "DIGITAL INPUTS" tell me VINH=2.4V, VINL=0.8V, IINL=0.005uA, IINH=0.5uA. If MCU GPIO need control IN1~IN4 arbitrarily pull-up or pull-down. R1=6.6M…

  • ADG453BRZ

    Hi experts, 

    During our IQC, we decapped a piece of ADG453BRZ. The die does not show any affinity to the series ADG453. 

    Please advise if this is a valid ADG453 die.


  • ADG411: logic threshold voltage over digital supply.

    Would you please help to understand the the typical expected threshold voltage
    as a function of digital supply voltage, VL.


    Please see the attached application note for the ADG451 VL voltage threshold.
    The ADG411 has a similar logic block so…

  • ADG411: is ist possible to worf with a 3V Logic Level?

    I want to use the ADG411 +-12V but with a Vlogic=3V - would this work?


    Yes it is possible to apply 3V to the Vl pin. We just have it specified at 5V.
    For the ADG412 the Vl applied can be in the range of -0.3V to Vdd +0.3V.  Our
    parts are spec…