• RE: Need spice model for ADG419


    There is no spice model available for the ADG419.

    One option is to use the ADG411 Spice model.  The ADG411 is 4 xSPST so you can use 2 channels and tie the outputs together to replicate an SPDT.  The ADG411 has the same core switch design as the ADG419…

  • RE: ADG444 VL pin input voltage

    Hello Sofy,

    Yes, the same advice applies to the ADG444 as the ADG419.



  • ADG419 application


    Please excuse me to ask a question about an  ADG419 applicayon under unusual operation condition.

    I have to ask.

    The part is operated  from VDD=VL=+9V, VSS=GND=-9V,  and S1, S2 ,D =-1V to 7V.

    VIN is driven by +/-10V source with a 10kohm current limiting…

  • ADG419: supply voltage

    I want to use the ADG419BR analog switch device with single  15V supply and  5V
    logic supply.
    The data sheet recommends using  12V single supply or dual supply of  15V and –
    1. Can I use  15V single supply instead of  12V supply?
  • ADG 419: Analog and Digital supply ?

    Hello everybody,

    I'm studying a new electronic sensor applications. I would use the ADG419 to switch analog signals. The ADG419 will be control by a µC.

    Vsupply µC Digital : +3.3V to GND

    Vsupply Analog: +5V;-5V;AGND

    I would know if my schematic…

  • ADG419 spice model

    Hi All,

    Can some one supply ADG419 spice model for me. I need it to simulate my circuit.

    Thanks in advance.


  • ADG419 Continuity Test Limits

    Does this kind of device have protection diodes, both positive and negative clamps?

     If I do continuity (open/short) test, grounding all pins, what value of current should be applied to the pin under test? And what voltage limits there are for this test…

  • ADG419 Enable pin Crosstalk

    I am trying to use the ADG419 in a FSK configuration at the out of 2 oscillators, but I am experiencing severe crosstalk to the output making it unusable to drive a transmitter. Data rates are typically 9.6 KB/s or higher. The RF frequencies are in t…

  • RE: ADG419 input voltage of logic control input

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