• ADG419: supply voltage

    I want to use the ADG419BR analog switch device with single  15V supply and  5V
    logic supply.
    The data sheet recommends using  12V single supply or dual supply of  15V and –
    1. Can I use  15V single supply instead of  12V supply?
    2. What…

  • ADG419 Asymmetric Supply


    can I safely use the ADG419BR or BRZ analog switch with:

    Option 1:

     - asymmetric +5V and -22V supplies and VL = 5V, or

    Option 2:

     - asymmetric +3V and -22V supplies and VL = 3V

    The data sheet specifies the part for +/-15V and +12V. I know, that for…

  • ADG419 Potential Problems

    Hi team,

    I'm having problems with using the ADG419. It is very inconsistent sometimes and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My first problem is that the voltage drops off at the drain output despite making no connections to other circuits. In this circuit…

  • ADG419 Application


    Can i give both negative dc signal at  S1 and S2 of the switch and switch between them using control signal?


  • ADG419 Continuity Test Limits

    Does this kind of device have protection diodes, both positive and negative clamps?

     If I do continuity (open/short) test, grounding all pins, what value of current should be applied to the pin under test? And what voltage limits there are for this test…

  • Questions on ADG419-EP

    Is the ADG419-EP switching device hermetically sealed?

    Also, my database indicates a quality/reliability level of B-1 for this device. Is that correct?

    Thank you.

    Pat Hoy

  • ADG419 Enable pin Crosstalk

    I am trying to use the ADG419 in a FSK configuration at the out of 2 oscillators, but I am experiencing severe crosstalk to the output making it unusable to drive a transmitter. Data rates are typically 9.6 KB/s or higher. The RF frequencies are in t…

  • ADG419 spice model

    Hi All,

    Can some one supply ADG419 spice model for me. I need it to simulate my circuit.

    Thanks in advance.


  • ADG419 application


    Please excuse me to ask a question about an  ADG419 applicayon under unusual operation condition.

    I have to ask.

    The part is operated  from VDD=VL=+9V, VSS=GND=-9V,  and S1, S2 ,D =-1V to 7V.

    VIN is driven by +/-10V source with a 10kohm current limiting…