• RE: Multiplexer for demodulation

    Hi Charles,

    ok, if you are breadboarding then the ADG408 would give you better package options.




  • ADG408 to ADG1408


    I need a simulation model for ADG1408 (lower RON). I have the model for an ADG408.

    Can anyone help with changing RON?

  • ADG408 AD7824

    我用ADG408做模拟开关、LM310做射随、AD7824进行AD转换,但是转换的结果大部分通道的数据转换正常,其中有一些通道数据异常,能够相差5~10个吗子左右。 请指教。

  • RE: ADG408/409 LTSpice Transient Analysis

    Here are the corrected (and tested) LTSpice symbols for the ADG408/409, based on the answer given by .

  • ADG1408 Vs ADG408


    Is there any document descriobing what are the differences between ADG1408 and ADG408, apart from the obvious Rdson



  • RE: Parameters I can change Spice models - ADG408/ADG409 to match behavior - ADG1408/ADG1409?

    Hi Matthew,

    I've had a look at the difference between the ADG1408 and ADG408, these two devices does not have similar parametric values. On resistance for instance is from 4.7 ohms to 40 ohms respectively. Now, if you plan to change the ADG408 spice…

  • ADG408 Supply Current and Datasheet

    With my senior design group, we chose the ADG408 for use in a low power application. We have been prototyping the parts to make sure they are what we need and it seems everything is good except for the "Power Requirements" of this device. If it means…


    I have been simulating the ADG408 spice model. Can anyone explain what the SPICE model term

    C_A0_D      1 39          4E-12 and where it is connected internally.

    I have found that even with the EN pin low, when switching the address lines, the inputs are affected…

  • RE: ADG5404 cross talk?

    Hi Nico,

    Initially looking at your plots what comes to mind is switch charge injection effects.  I have attached an FAQ that has some Q&A on glitches caused by charge injection.  An experiment to do would be to increase the shunt capacitance on the…

  • ADG408 produces glitches on I/O pins when the select lines change

    We are using a ADG408BRUZ 8:1 mux to select between 8 audio signals. When the select lines A0, A1 or A2 change, a glitch is produced within the part that propagates out of the Sx and D pins, resulting in an audible click or pop. It is clearly visible…