• ADG3308 vs. ADG3308-1

    What is the difference between the ADG3308 and the ADG3308-1?

  • ADG3308

    I'm developing a mainboard with sockets for several modules. Mainboard  VCC is a 5V, modules - 3.3/5V, depends on type. Is it possibles to use ADG3308 as level converter and bus switch in following conditions?

    VCCA may not be present for a long time…

  • RE: Buffer IC in between ADG3308 and FPGA

    This question has been answered through email.

  • ADG3308 process

    Hi team,

    No information delivered about process (CMOS or BiCMOS) of the ADG3308 part in the related DATASHEET.

    How to get the result of the process? 



  • ADG3308: Design queries

    We try to use the AG3308 as Level Translator between a 3.3V-FPGA with IP-Core
    for MC68HC11A1 and diverse 5V-I/Os at our different applications. 
    Now there are some questions upcoming reading the datasheet. 

    1. Input Driving: We measured…
  • oscillating ADG3308


    I'm trying to use an ADG3308 and am having oscillating problems. Does anyone have any experience trying to stabilize these parts? Here is the image of a 0.5MHz square wave with the translator

    And when I pull the translator out and jumper…

  • ADG3308 output

    I have a design that uses a ADG3308 to translate 2.5V (VCCA) to 3.3V (VCCY). If I look at the 2.5V side the waveform looks fine, nice square wave. But the output side looks quite bad, rounded top and bottom. This is an SPI interface and the frequency…

  • Crosstalk on FFC (ADG3308)


    My customer are using ADG3308 as 1.8V to 3.3V translator in their system.

    The frequencies of the signals are 1MHz.

    Outputs of ADG3308 are inputed to the other board via FFC.

    Then crosstalk occures on FFC(length:8cm).

    They cannot put ground lanes…

  • ADG3308的问题



  • ADG3308 supply & control question

    Hi, this looks like a question for FEB!

    When using ADG3308 to interface between an MCU on 3V3, and a peripheral with 1V8 logic levels, is it possible to enable and disable the ADG3308 level translator by switching power (1V8) to the VCCA supply pin?…