• ADG3308: Input Driving and Output Load Requirements

    FAQ: What are the input driving and output load requirements of the ADG3308?


    To ensure the correct operation of the ADG3308, the circuit that drives the input of the device should be able to ensure the rise/fall times of less than 3-ns when driving…

  • ADG3308 Voltages

    A previous answer stated.

    "For proper operation of the device, the voltage applied to the VCCA must always be less than or equal to the voltage applied to VCCY.

    So as long as you can guarantee that VCCA stays below VCCY during power up then powering…

  • Chaining ADG3308


    I need to send SPI signals from 1.8V IC on motherboard to 1.8V IC on mezzanine board, but due to used standard, the connector must have 3.3V logic. Can I use two ADG3308s connected back to back or will that cause problems with direction detection…

  • ADG3308


    I am using the ADG3308 to drive a load with a 2k2 pullup. I know this is not ideal as the ADG has a 6k ohm series impedance and is not able to pull the line lo but I see an oscillation for this type of load. 

    When I drive a CMOS load, my waveform…

  • RE: ADG3308 vs. ADG3308-1

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • Buffer IC in between ADG3308 and FPGA

    in my one circuit i am interfacing one IC to FPGA which has 2.5 VCCIO. for that i am using ADG3308 IC in between FPGA and IC. IN data sheet of IC logic Input high current (Iih) is 20 uA(min.) to 100 uA(Max.).similarly logic output low current (Iol) is…

  • Using ADG3308 with AD9913 and a 3.3V microcontroller

    I want to use ADG3308 with AD9913(DDS with1.8V compatible logic) and a 3.3V microcontroller.

    I have <> questions:

    1. Does the ADG3308 allow separate bidirectional communication for all pins? (some channels being driven from A to Y and others from…

  • ADG3308 process

    Hi team,

    No information delivered about process (CMOS or BiCMOS) of the ADG3308 part in the related DATASHEET.

    How to get the result of the process? 



  • ADG3308: Design queries

    We try to use the AG3308 as Level Translator between a 3.3V-FPGA with IP-Core
    for MC68HC11A1 and diverse 5V-I/Os at our different applications. 
    Now there are some questions upcoming reading the datasheet. 

    1. Input Driving: We measured…
  • ADG3308 bidirectional, setting the direction

    I am going to use the ADG3308 for level translation between 2.5 and 5V logic. I
    see that there is no direction pin. Can individual bits go in one direction and
    the other the opposite? Or do all the bits have to be going in the same