• ADG3304 Automotive Graded Specification

    Dear sir,

    We are looking for ADG3304W, automotive graded spec., but it's not reachable from the ADI web. Can you provide the spec for EV safety application?

    Best Rgds,

    Michael Chang

    ANStek Taiwan


  • ADG3304 high current consumption if disabled.


    I made some current consumption measurements on ADG3304. If I disable the enable pin  and VCCA=1.8V and VCCY=3.0V in consumes over 10mA. Only setting VCCA to 0V is the only way to have an shutdown current with a few yA. I couldn't find any hint…

  • ADG3304: Is this device compatible with I2C?

    I am using ADG3304 to buffer between a 3.3V processor and a 1.8V I2C
    peripheral. It works OK
    but it does not like the I2C state when momentarily no one is driving the data
    Is it suitable for I2C?


    The ADG3304 could work…
  • RE: ADG3304 with logic level switch

    Hi MMat370,

    Kindly check again the ADG3304 datasheet on page 17. It was mentioned that:

    For proper operation of the ADG3304, the voltage applied to the VCCA must be less than or equal to the voltage applied to VCCY.

    I think you got the opposite?


  • Problem using ADG3304 as level shifter for SPI with Arduino

    I am working with ADG3304 (Low Voltage, 1.15 V to 5.5 V, 4-Channel, Bidirectional Logic Level Translator). My plan is to use it to establish SPI communication (8MHz clock) between a 5V microcontroller (Arduino Uno) and a 3.3V magnetic sensor (MLX90393…

  • ADG3304-EP and using it to translate and connect to multiple SPI devices


    I am trying to use two ADG3304-EP connected with two AD5141W, on the same SPI bus going to an FPGA.

    My concern is due to the fowling sentences from the ADG3304 datasheet -

    When the application requires level translation between a micro - processor…

  • 请问ADG3304设计相关的2个问题

    1、NC脚能否接地         2、4通道中,有的信号正常,有的信号在低电平时会出现频率高一点的脉冲跳变。从波形上看,似乎是另外一路(共用这一个3304)信号串进来了。  帮忙分析看看是什么原因导致的,谢谢!

  • ADG3304 logic level translator (Y->A), output is lower that Vcca supply voltage


    I try to use ADG3304 to decrease high frequency signal (60 kHz) from 5 V (microcontroller) to 3.3 V. Y level is connected to 5V high frequency signal from Arduino with 50 Ohm resistor between Arduino output and Y1 and 1M Ohm resistor from 50 Ohm…

  • ADG3304用作spi通信时电平转换 发现时钟信号超过10M后 转换的波形杂乱

    ADG3304用作spi通信时电平转换 发现时钟信号超过10M后 转换的波形杂乱 接收端无法识别,而手册上


  • ADG3304用作spi通信时电平转换 发现时钟信号超过10M后 转换的波形杂乱 接收端无法识别,而手册上说1.8V转3.3V能保证速度60Mbps,请问是否有什么细节没注意到,会导致此问题

    ADG3304用作spi通信时电平转换   发现时钟信号超过10M后 转换的波形杂乱  接收端无法识别,而手册上说1.8V转3.3V能保证速度60Mbps,请问是否有什么细节没注意到,会导致此问题