• RE: ADAS1000 pace data readout

    Dear Sir,

    I suggest building a small adaptor board using a level translator: Analog Devices has quite a range of level translators available to designers of integrated circuits.

    Level Translators | Analog Devices

    I would take a look at the ADG3304…

  • RE: ADG3304 logic level translator (Y->A), output is lower that Vcca supply voltage


    The ADG3304 does not support pull-down resistors on its inputs/outputs due to its internal series resistance of 6k ohm. The 1M ohm resistors you have to ground on the input/output pins of the ADG3304 is causing a resistor divider network with the…

  • RE: ADG3304 : WLCSP Package

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  • RE: ADG3304 input drive

    Hi Yasmin,


    I'm moving this question to the Interface and Isolation community for answer.

    The 36mA is due to the automatic detection on the data direction of the ADG3304 which is needed in the worst case scenario. In reality, the input driving…

  • ADG3304: Is this device compatible with I2C?

    I am using ADG3304 to buffer between a 3.3V processor and a 1.8V I2C
    peripheral. It works OK
    but it does not like the I2C state when momentarily no one is driving the data
    Is it suitable for I2C?


    The ADG3304 could work…
  • ADG3304 Level Translator not working


    I have just implemented an ADG3304 level translator into a new design and it is not functioning as expected. I am hoping others have had experience with this particular IC and can point me into a direction that yeilds the correct results.

    I am…

  • ADG3304 problem 3.3V to 1.8V

    Hello everyone,

    We are trying to program a CPU which is on 1.8 with a device that is on 3.3 so we needed to translate the voltages. We are using ADG3304 for that purpose.
    We connected everything correctly and the clock signal doesn't work properly. We…

  • ADG3304: used as I2C level shifter

    I want to interface an 5V I2C EEPROM with my 3.3V MCU by ADG3304 Can ADG3304 be
    suitable for this applicaton, the I2C SDA is input/output signal


    I'm afraid we don't have a part that would be suitable for 5V/3V translation in
  • RE: 大家好,有个AD9273的问题想请教一下

    你好,我看ADG3304的文档的时候,有一段说To ensure correct operation of the ADG3304, the circuit that drives the input of the ADG3304 channels should have an output impedance of less than or equal to 150 Ω and a minimum peak current driving capability of 36 mA.那是不是说要我输入的信号要能提供36mA的驱动能力…


    The ADG3304 can provide level translation in both directions from AY or YA on all four channels. Just note that the lower voltage logic signals are connected to the A pins, and the higher voltage logic signals are connected to the Y pins.