• RE: Interfacing ADAU1701 with AD1955

    Thank you for reviewing my spec Brett.

    Meanwhile I have chosen the ADG3308 instead of the ADG3304 because the A-side Input High Voltage (Min) spec for the 3308 is 0.65xVcca as opposed to Vcca-0.4 for the ADG3304. This means that with the ADG3304 the…

  • RE: impedance configuration for ADG3304 Level translator

    Hello FEB,

    I'm using ADG3304 too, and I have a similar issue.

    The A-side of the ADG3304 is directly connected to a BF506F output pulled up with 10kOhm, while Y-side is connected to a logic port (74HC...).

    The BF506F drives the ADG3304 with a square…

  • ADG3304 - I2C

    Is it possible to use the ADG3304 for I2C level translating (3,3V Master, 5V slave)?

  • RE: AD9467-FMC

    If it is the ADG3304, which is the level translator, then I would say the oscillation is coming from it.

    Using 33 ohm before and after the I/O sometimes helps.

    Maybe you can check with the apps team of the ADG3304 to see what they recommend.


  • Bidirectional, logic level translator  for I2C.


    Can ADG3304 use for level translator of  I2C interface?.

    The datasheet describes only for SPI and Microwire.


    It would be greatly appreciated if advice could…

  • Questions About Using the ADG3304

      Good morning.  I have a customer experiencing a problem with a SPI bus that is going through ADG3304s for level translation.  The bus works fine before they activate the power domain which contains the ADG3304s at which point the bus get very messy and…

  • ADG3304/8 Input driving requirements


    ADG3304 and ADG3308 is same architecture device, I believe.

    I found different description in datasheet.

    ADG3304 data sheet requests lower output impedance <=150ohm / 36mA peak current capability for output driver.

    ADG3308 data sheet doesn't…

  • RE: ADG3304 : WLCSP Package

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  • ADG3304 input drive

    Is it correct to assume the 36mA input current requirement is due to input capacitances at side A or Y? Does the part operate below that? please see below comment from customer:


    “The input current drive requirement for the device driving ADG3304 is…

  • ADG3304: Is this device compatible with I2C?

    I am using ADG3304 to buffer between a 3.3V processor and a 1.8V I2C
    peripheral. It works OK
    but it does not like the I2C state when momentarily no one is driving the data
    Is it suitable for I2C?


    The ADG3304 could work…