• RE: ADG3304 high current consumption if disabled.


    Could you post an image of the schematic?

    Is there a pattern being driven on A or Y pins while the issue is happening?

    Is the unit fully operational when EN is HIGH? If not, it might be damaged. Can you test other units of the ADG3304?

    Yours sincerely…

  • ADG3304 : WLCSP Package


    I have a question about the datasheet of the ADG3304.

    The figure is WLCSP package shown in datasheet P7.

    The figure is WLCSP package shown in datasheet P19.

    As for the two figures, the mark of the alphabet and the numeric character is different…

  • ADG3304 - I2C

    Is it possible to use the ADG3304 for I2C level translating (3,3V Master, 5V slave)?

  • ADG3304 Blow Up

    Have seen 2 failures of an ADG3304.  I need to try and get some insight of how this could be occurring.

    Below is my schematic.  The ADG3304 is U27. 

    In this design VCCA should always be less then VCCY.  The failure does not occur at power up.

    Should the unused…

  • ADG3304 input drive

    Is it correct to assume the 36mA input current requirement is due to input capacitances at side A or Y? Does the part operate below that? please see below comment from customer:


    “The input current drive requirement for the device driving ADG3304 is…

  • ADG3304 Level Translator not working


    I have just implemented an ADG3304 level translator into a new design and it is not functioning as expected. I am hoping others have had experience with this particular IC and can point me into a direction that yeilds the correct results.

    I am…

  • ADG3304 problem 3.3V to 1.8V

    Hello everyone,

    We are trying to program a CPU which is on 1.8 with a device that is on 3.3 so we needed to translate the voltages. We are using ADG3304 for that purpose.
    We connected everything correctly and the clock signal doesn't work properly. We…

  • impedance configuration for ADG3304 Level translator

    I'm using the ADG3304 to translate the level of four input signals from 5V to 3.3V, but I have some problems.

    The configuration is as follows:

    I interface the input signals with HCPL-063A optocouplers. The output signals from this optocouplers have…

  • ADG3304: used as I2C level shifter

    I want to interface an 5V I2C EEPROM with my 3.3V MCU by ADG3304 Can ADG3304 be
    suitable for this applicaton, the I2C SDA is input/output signal


    I'm afraid we don't have a part that would be suitable for 5V/3V translation in
  • ADG3304/8 Input driving requirements


    ADG3304 and ADG3308 is same architecture device, I believe.

    I found different description in datasheet.

    ADG3304 data sheet requests lower output impedance <=150ohm / 36mA peak current capability for output driver.

    ADG3308 data sheet doesn't…