• buffer for 1-Wire BUS ADG3301


    I would need a buffer for an 1-Wire BUS. I find ADG3301.

    1. I want to connect VCCA and VCCY both with 5V, what happens? On the first page I find: For proper operation, VCCA must always be less than VCCY. Is there a better alternative for my case…


    Hi James13,

    The ADG3301 is capable of driving CMOS compatible loads only. It is not guaranteed that the ADG3301 could drive the external equipment as seen in your circuit.

    There are 2 case you could consider:

    1. If logic input at Yside is high (~5V…

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    FAQ: What are the input driving and output load requirements of the ADG3300/01/04?


    To ensure the correct operation of the ADG3300, ADG3301, and ADG3304, the circuit that drives their input channels should have an output impedance of less than or…

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    FAQ: What are the values of source and sink currents at A and Y pin without external buffers?


    Table 1 of the specification table of ADG330x shows in the condition’s column that the current values are IOH/IOL = 20 µA. These current values…

  • RE: AD9228, single-end configuration

    Hi Doug

    Thank you for your good explanation and your reply is suitable for my aim.
    Then, I have found the ADG3301 for ADI website after I asked you the above.
    Is the ADG3301 available for bidirectional signal(SPI) of SDIO/ODM pin ?
    The datasheet says, it…

  • RE: EVAL-CN0346 and ADICUP360

    I sent you a copy of the labview source code on our ftp (ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/cftl/cn0346) so you can make edits yourself and get an idea of the structure and order of operations for register configuration.

    I have seen devices like the ADG3301 before…

  • RE: Ultra low power voltage translation

    Hi limonandrey,

    Have you looked at the ADG324x(ADG3242/3243) and ADG330x(ADG3301/ADG3304) families of level translators?

    The quiescent current for these is in the uA region and they don't have internal  pull-up resistors. Both parts support bi-directional…

  • RE: Maximum Vih in a dual supply digipot?

    If a digital potentiometer is used in dual supply with voltage rails between +2.5V and -2.5V, then Vih cannot exceed +2.5V.

    If a logic of 3.3V is needed two different solutions can be implemented,

    1- Use a level translator such as ADG3241 or the AD…

  • RE: impedance configuration for ADG3304 Level translator

    Hello Sean,

         after disconnecting from VCO/PLL is floating and the length of the track is less than 2cm.

    As you supposed the track connecting ADG3308 and Blackfin is very long. If I well understood, I should place the ADG3308 as close is possible to…