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    Yes. You can connect devices with an open-drain output configuration to ADG3300 to bi-directionally translate certain voltage levels through the Vcca and Vccb supplies.

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  • adg3300

    I'm trying to use the ADG3300 to simply translate between a 3.3V and a 5V system .    Originally I had planned to

    use the auto-sense capability for bidirectional signals,but have decided the part is way too unstable for that to ever work.

    Is it possible…

  • ADG3300 Oscillation Problem


    I designed the circuit as shown below.


    - If the FPGA outputs a high signal, the input(@ADG3300) will oscillate.

    - But without the ADG3300, no vibration will occur.

    - If the FPGA outputs a low signal, both the input and the output (@ADG3300…

  • ADG3300 input interfacing


    I am trying to find a simple 1.2V to 5V CMOS-CMOS level translator.  I was looking at the the ADG3300 but realized that the datasheet states that the input must be driven by a low impedance output (less than 150 ohms).   Just wondering where is the…

  • ADG3300/3308 Minimum pulse width

    Dear Expert,

    I checked the level-shift ADG3300/3308 datasheet, which can't showed any information of Minimum Pulse Width /Pulse duration specification, Can you help? Thanks you!

  • Oscillations when using the ADG3300 level translator

    Hi all,

    I am using the ADG3300 level translator to interface an FPGA output (3.3V signal , 1MHz frequency) to an IC working at 1.8V. I get severe oscillations of 50 MHz at the output. I have used all the good PCB practices like good decoupling , ground…

  • ADG3300: Can I work with VCCA = VCCY?

    For proper operation the datasheet says: VCCA must always be less than VCCY but
    inside the data sheet,
    on the Power Requirementssection, it is described that VCCA can be equal to
    VCCY. You have a contradiction in your datasheet. Can I…
  • AD7124-8 SPI level shift using ADG3300


    we need to interface the AD7124-8 with an ATMEGA32U4 (5V mcu) through SPI. We are conisdering the attached shifting diagram:

    Does anybody have any insight on:

    1. Will we have any issues with the fact that we are not using any pull-ups particularly…

  • ADG3300内部是如何识别转换方向的?


  • RE: A suitable interface device for AD7762

    Hi Moto,

           I found an 8 channel bi directional level translator that I hope you can use for the interface on your application. Please check on the ADG3300. ( please refer to link ADG3300 datasheet). You may also want to do a parametric search on other…