• ADG3247:  Hotswapping

    1.       When you said that:” None of our analog switches can take signals
    while the power is removed. There are internal ESD protection diodes between
    the signal inputs and the power supply pins which will clamp the signal lines
    to ground…
  • ADG3247电平转换





  • ADG3247 Level Translating Question

    Dear Sir:

    由于现在有很多新的FPGA GPIO串口只有1.8V,但是在旧有的系统架构上或是MCU大多数GPIO串口电压都在3.3V,所以我有在评估ADG3247 Level Translating 来进行两端的GPIO 串口的电平转换,但是看了ADG3247 Datasheet有很多的疑问在这边请问专家

    Q1:ADG3247 Version:0 Datasheet 里面都没有提到A0~A15 与B0~B15的电平位准,请问如果GPIO3.3V与GPIO1.8V的电平,A0~A15要接哪一组电压…

  • ADG3247 :  How to use


    Our customer examines use of ADG3247, and there is a question.

    1,The customer intends to input the same signal into two input.
      The outputting device of this signal is the following specifications,
      is there a problem?

  • ADG3247可以data 是1.8V 的input吗?双向传输问题

    Hi ADI FAE,


    我们这个BUS是单端36个信号,TX包含一个200MHZclock, 17200Mbps data,共有18个信号;RX包含一个200MHZclock, 17200Mbps data,共有18个信号。



    ADG32473.3V2.5V 转换时是双向的,每个方向都是input/output


  • ADG3247 支持1.8到3.3升压的电平转换么 速率支持500MSPS

    ADG3247 支持1.8到3.3升压的电平转换么   速率支持500MSPS

  • RE: ADG3245 leakage


    Thank you for your reply.

    My setup is very simple.

    GPIO of nucleo-64 STM32F401RE connected directly to ADG3247.

    I debug using scope on the ADG3247 output.

    The GPIO configuration is no pull up or pull down.

    I am using toggling the output by myself…

  • RE: Bus Enable on ADG chips

    Hi Zach,

    When not active, you may set the BE pin of the ADG3247 to a minimum of:

    • 2.0 V for Vcc = 2.7V to 3.6V, OR
    • 1.7V for Vcc = 2.3V to 2.7V.

    This information can be seen on page 2 Specifications Section of the ADG3247 Datasheet, Input High…

  • ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a project in which I use two types of digital potentiometers (AD5254(I2C), and AD5235(SPI)). The potentiometers have the supply voltages of (VDD: +2.5V, VSS: -2.5V). And I use a microcontroller that's supplied by 3.3V…

  • RE: 24 bits level translators

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks of your reply,

    Might we adopt ADG3247 for 1.8V to 3.3V Translation?